Sandy Comes to Milford

Milford is a small, quaint town that was founded in 1796. Its claim to fame is the “Home of the American Conservation Movement.” The whole town was without power for 3 days, which is nothing compared to what others are experiencing, but I watched as lines started to form for gas at the two stations that must have had emergency generators. By Thursday, there were signs up along the main road into town that said, “No Parking, Gas Line Only.” I did an unscientific poll of license plates and most were from New Jersey. Yesterday, I drove through at 6:15 AM and lines were already formed, the town workers were putting up the signs again, and I saw 3 tankers delivering gas.

Strangely, the day after the storm, the Milford Diner was open and doing a booming business as you can imagine. Alice’s Wonderland (yes, that’s the name), purveyors of everything for the outdoors person, was also open so I stopped in to buy hats and gloves. Both have generators and so were able to offer warmth and food. When I went to the grocery store, the three women who staff the deli counter were all complaining about no power but by yesterday they were extolling the virtues of cooking dinner at home once power was restored on Friday. These women typically spend most of their time complaining about something — other workers, management, customers, the weather, children and families, etc. — so getting food takes a really long time. Customers seem to know them and, once commiserating begins, it takes even longer. But…nice to be in a community where people seem to care about each other.

In Lords Valley where I live, there are lines too. I waited for a relatively short time on Wednesday and will wait again today. Our community of Hemlock Farms is quite busy since people with second homes here have come from homes without power on Long Island, New Jersey, and New York City. 300 homes lost power but most has been restored by now. Those without power were encouraged to use the community center which had extended hours so people could shower and recharge electronics. It’s snowing this morning and won’t reach 40 degrees again today so we are lucky to have heat and lights!