Are there rules for driving in the snow?

Today we had out first real snow of the season and it’s still coming down. Judging from the deck and the backyard I estimate 2-3 inches that makes the place picture postcard perfect. That is, except if you are driving. I haven’t driven in the snow for decades, so being apprehensive this morning is an understatement. The snow started early this morning so there wasn’t a great deal of accumulation and I had parked at street level, so was pretty confident that I could get my car out when I needed to leave for an 8:00 am appointment in Milford.

The roads in Hemlock were not cleared yet and I saw only one car off the road at 7:30 AM. I have heard from Diane, who just arrived to pick up some baskets for her church, that there were many cars off the road and three on one street alone. Once I reached the main road, it was pretty clear and I84 was wet but trucks seem to have kept it clear as well. Milford looked like a Christmas card and, although the diner beckoned now that I’m a “regular,” I decided to head directly home before any more snow could accumulate. At the time of this writing, it looks like the pictures above.

I’m pretty sure that I drove too slowly or too quickly judging from the behavior of the other drivers. I watched a car in front of me weave all over the road on the way home, and it occurred to me that there are probably rules for driving in snow. However, I don’t know them. Clearly I went too slowly for the trucks and was passed by commuters. There seems to be a knack for recognizing ice on the road (which there wasn’t) that I do not have yet. Do I google “how to drive in the snow?” Yes. Edmunds, the car people, have 10 safety tips for driving on snow and ice. My favorite is “make sure you can see.” Only in snow? “Watch for black ice” is my next favorite because the thing about black ice is that you can’t see it which is why it’s so dangerous. “Avoid slides” is another tip so after reading these words of wisdom, I’m resigned to being careful and hoping for the best.

Arriving home to a dog who is barking at the snow and is excited to go out in it every time I open the door, I stacked some firewood and now am hoping that it will be drivable tomorrow morning. Diane says that there will be no problem tomorrow and I must admit it is beautiful, quiet, and as lovely as photos on Christmas cards. I’ll let you know how beautiful and lovely it is when I finish shoveling the 39 stairs!