Snow or Ice? Ice Wins!

As I went about my early morning routine the sun came up and it was spectacularly beautiful. The sun sparkling off the snow crystals was something I had not seen in a very long time. I quickly realized that beauty comes with a price and one of the reasons it was so pretty was that the sun was also reflecting off the ice that coated my driveway, stairs, and deck walkway to the stairs. Fortunately my son-in-law, David, helped me put ice melt in a container on the stairs near the car and recommended that I keep a container in the car as well (which I didn’t yet, but will tomorrow!!). After bundling up with snow gloves, heavy jacket, layers underneath, boots, hat, and anything else I could think of I confidently headed to the stairs.

First setback — the lock on the gate to the stairs was frozen solid. So, I headed down the stairs to the driveway. I don’t know the exact angle of the driveway, but when it’s covered with ice and snow, it seems like 45 degrees! The fence now extends halfway down so all I had to do was make it to the fence and then pull myself up to street level. It must have been a sight, but I have few neighbors and it was only 7:00 AM, so unlikely that anyone saw me. Made it to the car, spread ice melt in front of it, waited for the winter package to kick in and melt the ice off the windows (yes, I scraped also), and started down Longridge Drive.

Second setback — Longridge hadn’t been salted yet. With confidence gained as a result of yesterday’s drive in the snow, I felt very brave indeed as I proceeded very slowly to the main road. Once I got to the main roads, all was well and my trip to Milford was uneventful. In fact, I decided to stop at the diner for breakfast because my theory was that it would give the ice time to melt. Never mind that it was only 28 degrees!

Third setback — when I entered the diner just in front of someone else, the waitress said, “Oh, are you two today?” I consider this only a minor setback because then she laughed and said, “Sorry. Of course not!” Was that supposed to make me feel better? Will they miss me when I stop going in on a regular basis? Should I drive into Milford each morning whether I need to or not just to make an appearance at the diner?

Upon returning home, I was determined to do all of my outside chores while I was bundled up. I decided that Sydney deserved a walk so put ice melt on the deck leading to the stairs, poured hot water on the lock to get it open, and got Sydney, who was excited beyond measure. However, she did not appreciate the ice — snow’s ok but ice? That’s a different matter entirely. She slipped and slid to the stairs and it was then that I realized that my street was very icy indeed. We made it halfway and she stopped absolutely not going a step further and so we headed home again.

One good thing about snow on the driveway and stairs? When I returned from Milford, I saw footprints so it looked like the contractor had answered my email by sending someone to look at the lock on the gate. Life will certainly be different up here. Ice wins — more dangerous, more scary, and more issues. I’ll take the snow any time.