Getting Ready for Company

As a postscript to an earlier post, here is the sign for the recently named house in the woods. It doesn’t really describe the house, rather the person who lives in it, which makes it unique for house names around here. Rachel and I put the sign up yesterday and of course that required at least four trips up and down the steps for pliers, drilling pilot holes, and then redoing it all after noticing that it said “Poconos Scribbler” on one side and “Poconos Scribble” on the other — we forgot to look both ways!! However, as you can tell from the photo, I was very proud once we got it up for all to see.

Having Rachel here for a few days this week was wonderful and we were amazingly productive. Of course we shopped for presents, wrapped them, got the tree standing up straight and sturdy, decorated, hung lights on the porch, and otherwise got the house ready for the family Christmas. My friend, Diane, who takes care of the housecleaning thank goodness stopped by and, upon seeing the tree all decorated, said “When will you finish your decorating? Surely this isn’t all you are doing!” When I replied that it was and finished explaining why we had a menorah and a Christmas tree, she was horrified. “You must follow me home and see my trees!” “Trees, plural,” I asked? Obviously this was something I needed to see for decorating inspiration. Rachel and I dutifully followed Diane home and were stunned, amazed, and astonished by the decorating that would put any department store to shame. There were at least five trees, each with a different theme, several very large vignettes — villages, snow scene, nativity scenes — angels everywhere, Christmas china in the china cabinet, bowls filled with vintage glass balls, and anything else your imagination conjures up. It was really something to see. I didn’t get all the references to the various themed trees but I left with decorating envy.

One of the downsides of moving is the temptation to get rid of too much not to mention not being able to find things. I realized that there were several Christmas decorating things that I absolutely wouldn’t have discarded but they are nowhere to be found. Those really ugly troll Mr. and Mrs. Santa dolls had sentimental value — yes, really — and after looking absolutely everywhere possible, they are not here. Same for several stand-up Santas. I became quite nostalgic about light-up Frosty the Snowman, but know that at least he is in a good home with Robin and John Leach. They send photos.

I am content with what we’ve been able to do and The Poconos Scribbler — the house, not the person — is ready for company with wreaths on the front of the house and little trees in the window boxes. She is properly named and just waiting for people to visit to admire her bright red paint and holiday trimmings!