Foggy Morning at the Diner

Living alone and being retired provides interesting perspective I think — does it make me more cautious, less cautious, more open-minded, more closed to new things, more brave, less sensible? I am convinced that if I was living with someone else they would have told me that going to the diner this morning was a foolish move given the dense fog that has blanketed this area for the past several days. However, I had a memory of Beth reminding me that her mother-in-law was a long-time waitress and she especially appreciated it when her customers remembered her at holiday time. She recommended that I go into the diner at some point and let Nancy, my waitress, know how much I valued her kindness and pleasant demeanor. Not to mention that I didn’t want to lose my status as a regular.

This morning I looked out at the fog and checked the temperature — 36 degrees — and mostly wanted to stay home until tomorrow when the sun is supposed to come out. I needed to go to Lowe’s before tomorrow anyway, so decided to get out early and go to the diner, foggy or not. As I got out of my car, one of the regulars was getting into hers and she said good morning and asked how I was. It was a nice way to start. Nancy greeted me, I wished her a happy holiday and thanked her with a small token of my appreciation. We chatted for a bit. It seemed as if all the booths were occupied so both she and the other waitress were quite busy.

The main topic of conversation this morning was last night’s Jets game as they again lost ugly! Apparently some fans had paper bags over their heads which the regulars found most amusing and they were sure that the quarterback, offensive coach, and head coach would not return next year! As I left, the owner and I exchanged holiday wishes and I remain determined to continue going to the diner after the new year.

I left to complete my errands at Lowe’s and on my way I passed another diner. I wondered if they have customers as loyal. Doubt it! There were a number of things I wanted to say about the diner but everyone was very busy, so I choose to do it here.
1. There are people all over the country who have expressed to me their wish to come to Milford to eat at the diner!
2. A friendly greeting goes a long way to make an unpleasant task bearable.
3. Keeping a coffee cup full is important.
4. There is important information to be overheard about local events.

I no longer feel compelled to read my book while eating breakfast. It no longer matters if someone says, “Only one?” It could be the start of something that alters how you look at the world around you.