New Winter Challenges Everyday

This is the view out my bedroom window last night. These are small icicles compared to some that I awoke to this morning. In 2008 when we purchased this house, my cousin Jill came with me to help set up the kitchen and bedrooms. That October it snowed and we were delighted until we realized we had Florida clothes and shoes and shoveling was really difficult! Jill also was worried about icicles falling and hurting someone. I thought for a long time that this was really silly. Yesterday, I was knocking them down easily but this morning was another story. I realized, upon getting the trash out of the bin under the deck, that the snow on the deck was melting and icicles were forming over where I stood. So, of course I swung the garbage bag at them which was effective but I quickly realized it was an effort in futility. Then I worried about the dogs. What if one fell on them? So, I had the same concerns that Jill did four years ago. Just when I thought I was navigating winter in the mountains, something else to think about.

It occurred to me this morning that my perspective has totally changed as it relates to going out and getting things done. With the help of a friend I found Jimmy who showed up at a moment’s notice to shovel the stairs. He even said that if my driveway was stone instead of black top, he would plow it (which no one else will do). Very happy to have found someone who responds so quickly and who is willing to do small chores for a reasonable amount of money. Once that happened, it set in motion other activities — cleaning off the car (sounds so simple, but it took over an hour), taking trash to the dump and checking for mail. I considered for a moment going into the Milford Diner, but decided that could wait until later in the week. I realized that I am fortunate that I don’t absolutely have to be anywhere but it takes some getting used to.

On the eve of 2013 and the risk of falling off the fiscal cliff (I’m still not sure what that will mean to me!), I am obsessing over seemingly simple matters — when will this snow melt (the low tonight is supposed to be 15 degrees), will I be able to get the garbage out, will I have enough wood for the winter? One issue seems to have resolved itself — I had no idea that the snow plow could back plow to get the snow in front of and in back of my car. My plowing contract means that they show up at odd hours — in the middle of the night or early in the morning. I am also discovering that, after 6 months of a life structured by medical issues I couldn’t control, I am now very much affected by the weather as to what I can and cannot do. I have become totally driven by weather. Perhaps it’s just a matter of meeting each winter challenge as it happens!