Footsteps on the Roof

photo-3Have you ever had your roof replaced? If so, were you home when the work was done? This is a first for me. I am having half of the roof replaced. Apparently in disclosing “everything” about the house before purchase, the sellers were less than forthcoming. The recent roof turned out to be a recent half roof. This resulted in leaking over my bed every time there was a heavy rain. The guys from Homer’s Construction did their best, patching it, sealing it, etc., but it became clear that the other half of the roof needed redoing. It’s all of 33 degrees outside which is warming up according to Tim the owner of Homer’s. Just to save any questions you might have, Tim and his wife Andrea bought the business from Homer. (There’s no Simpson’s reference here.) Tim has often promised that work would be done at a certain time but I have learned that my idea of a schedule and schedules up here are totally different — weather and other demands sometimes mean delays and I understand. However, they all (Tim, Richie, Jay, and Jeff) showed up this morning and started by shoveling large amounts of snow and ice from the roof. Chandeliers started shaking and bouncing and I began to worry a bit about some of the things on shelves. All the artwork is now askew (just really wanted to use that word!) and now there’s a compressor on the porch which means that the entire house is vibrating.

Once the nailing of new shingles began I started noticing nails coming through the ceiling. Quite sure that this isn’t a good thing, I yelled up to the guys. Tim came in and took a look. “Oh, and some of the molding is coming down too!” “Yes,” I replied, “not what you intended I’m sure.” It seems that they planned for the roof having more insulation than it does. “So, can you put down more?” I said thinking that I could save something on my ridiculously high electric bill. “Oh, no, not without replacing the entire roof instead of just half! But now it’s a lot easier because we don’t have to nail by hand — we can use the nail gun.” Needless to say I shrugged and said “whatever.” I have come to that point in my life of retirement, living alone, and dealing with issue after issue with this house. Not worth the argument and certainly at this point not worth thousands of dollars more.

I have decided that if I ever sell this house I’ll be a renter for the rest of my life! There is always something to deal with, but I remain optimistic that at some point everything will be done and I can just live in the house without expecting workmen every week. Very Pollyanna of me. But…being a Pollyanna sometimes is the only way to be. Looking for the positives. For example, at least as the snow melts it won’t leak on my head while I’m sleeping. And, because Tim did this roof, I can always go back to him if something goes wrong. Also, it’s sunny out, getting warmer, and there is no snow in the forecast. Maybe I should take advantage of that and start driving south!