My Glamorous Life

After a morning full of chores, I am sitting here contemplating a sunny, warm (40s) day and hoping for a lot of melting!! That’s what my life in retirement has come down to it seems. I’ve already been to get a flu shot — had to drive 35 miles. My local Rite Aid told me they didn’t have any, I was too late, and what was I thinking waiting so long! I called a CVS in Hawley and they had plenty and told me to come at 9:00 AM, which is apparently what they told everyone else. This was my first flu shot. Must admit, my Facebook friend, Libby, strongly encouraged getting one and told a story about why it’s a good thing; my friend, Robin, also said I was foolish not getting one and recounted her bout with flu turning to pneumonia in 1999. So…I took myself to Hawley this morning and got one. That was the highlight of my day so far.

After Hawley, I went to the mail room. Since there is no street mail delivery, I pick up my mail at a box. The room itself is open 8:00 AM-10:00 PM, but the window is only open from 11:00-1:00 and on Saturdays 11:00-12:00. The dump, one of my daily stops, is open hours totally different from the mail room except on Saturdays. The issue is, if I’m expecting a package, it might be delivered to my house and it might be delivered to the mail room. If it’s at the mail room, I can only get it between 11:00 and 12:00. Very complicated.

photo-7We are in the midst of a “January thaw” apparently. The local weather person said that “It feels like March.” I’m skeptical, but very hopeful that I will see my driveway sometime in the next couple of days. photo-6

Tonight I’m going out for pizza with a friend. We have options that include wings or pizza. Fine dining, Lords Valley style, is at least 8 miles over back roads in the dark, cold, ice and snow, so not an option. And, the local version of fine dining consists of NOT pizza and NOT wings. However, it’s the company that counts and nice to get out. Retirement means that I have all this time to reflect on the way my routine has changed. The good thing is I have time, lots of it, to read, to blog, to haul wood and take long walks if I want to. That’s not bad at all. So, glamorous or not, it’s my life and so far so good. Of course, I am planning a trip into New York City next week and a trip to Asheville and Tallahassee, so I’m not so resigned to the simple life as to ignore other opportunities!!