Mongolian Death Worm

You may think that the incredibly cold temperatures (it was 3 degrees earlier this morning and is now 0!) have addled my brain because of the title of this post. No, I’m not cooking worms out of desperation, but have been watching a lot of reruns on tv since I’m spending more time in the house. I really wanted to go to the Milford Diner this morning, knowing that I’d get a warm greeting and a hot breakfast, but staying in seems sensible. I imagined Judy and Kenny wondering where I was and felt a bit guilty to be so selfish as to stay in the warmth of my home. Back to the Mongolian Death Worm.

There is actually a channel that has a show of that name. Hopefully it’s only a one-time show and not a series, but I was intrigued thinking about who watches such shows. I suppose it’s the same people who believe that Bigfoot is wandering the woods, that Yeti is Bigfoot’s cousin in the Himalayas. I won’t say anything about the Loch Ness Monster because I kind of think that might be a possibility!! I googled the Mongolian Death Worm to see if it was a real creature. Immediately I saw the words “legendary,” “interpretation” to describe a picture of said worm, and “said to.” Aha, I thought, silly stuff, yet I read on. The Mongolian Death Worm, which doesn’t actually exist, causes instant death in a number of ways, has no head or tail, and has been a curiosity since the 1920s. Apparently Mongolians talk about it a lot but no one’s ever seen it. It is the worst kind of worm ever, turns anything it touches yellow, kills on contact and somehow discharges electricity. I looked it up on Wikipedia and (citation needed) is footnoted throughout. Now I’m a little sorry that I didn’t watch the 2010 film! I wonder what other amazing tv programs I have been missing while foolishly watching political commentary and the New York City news.

This is the kind of thing that occupies what is left of my mind after being stuck in the house for a few days. The dogs are not happy with me since I won’t let them play outside, I’m determined to do something productive although I know I won’t, and I’m not even cooking since I’m leaving town next week and have two trips into NYC before then. My trip south is obviously coming just in time to save me from the Mongolian Death Worm which, true to its name, causes brain cells to atrophy by just thinking about it. Amazing!

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  1. B. Lines says:

    I think just reading about the Mongolian Death Worm has the same effect!