My Icy Adventure!

I must first state that I am sitting at home with cheese and crackers and a lovely glass of red wine. Well-deserved if I say so myself! photo-1
This morning I left on the 6:51 bus to New York City for a dental appointment. As the snow fell more heavily as we got closer to the city, I realized that I may have made a mistake since freezing rain was predicted for the afternoon. The stubborn me did not want to give in to the weather since that is my greatest challenge at the moment, and I was already on the bus, so went on with my scheduled activities. After the bus blew a tire and we were transferred to another bus, I walked through the city snow to my dentist’s office, had my cleaning, and then took the subway to Rockefeller Center. Michael was meeting me for a quick lunch and, after walking the wrong way down 48th Street, I turned around, met Michael and we had a lovely meal together. We then went for coffee and I decided to take the early bus home rather than walk around or do some shopping in the sleet.

Port Authority was as busy as ever, I marked my place on the Lords Valley 2:30 bus line with my empty coffee cup, and bought the New York Post (which took me all of about 5 minutes to read). Some of the people arriving for the bus knew each other and conversations started, one of them that I quickly removed myself from was about “taking away our guns.” This from a guy who was reading Gun Magazine or something like that. Thankfully one of his friends arrived as he was telling me that he needed guns to protect himself and his family from the military. Not sure I understand this, but he maintained that it had something to do with our Founding Fathers! OK — on to the icy part.

By the time the bus got to Middletown I realized that the weather had taken a turn for the worse. On I84, traffic was slow, salt was being spread and it was clearly icy. But here’s the really scary part. When I got off the bus at the gas station that is probably a mile and a half from my house, I was so relieved and thought that I’d be home in no time. However, the gas station driveway was a solid sheet of ice and it took me a good bit of slipping and sliding to get to my car which was covered in a one inch blanket of solid ice. I managed to get the windshield and half of the driver’s side window cleared off and headed out to the main road. Not too bad, I thought, and then turned into Hemlock Farms where the roads had been salted but they were quite slippery and a challenge. But, I hadn’t seen anything yet!

My street, Longridge Drive, clearly had not been salted and was all ice. It’s curvy too, so it took me a little while to reach my driveway. Anyone who has seen or read about my driveway knows that we haven’t even gotten to the scary part! Picture your driveway with enough ice covering it for you to have an ice skating party. Once I got the car from one end to the other, pointed out, I wondered if it could actually slide backwards. I have no idea but it did occur to me. Then I realized I couldn’t really get out of the car! Holding on to the door handles, I got to the ice melt that thankfully was full and in a shaker container. It took the entire container for me to get from the car to the stairs and then down the stairs. The handrail is covered with ice so is no help whatsoever. photo-2At this point, Sydney is barking like crazy, I got to the last step, spread the last of the ice melt in front of me to get to the front door, and found the lock on the gate frozen solid. Much fiddling later and freezing fingers, I got the gate open (how else would I get in the house — surely not down the Driveway of Doom!), and was in the house. It took about 50 minutes to get the mile and a half from the gas station where the bus dropped me off to home. I wondered why I ever left the house this morning!

Now…tomorrow I will pack up the car, ice or no ice, and get ready to drive south on Wednesday morning. Before that, however, I’m going to have another drink! No ice.

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  1. wv says:

    Well done, Pat. Really fun and well recorded. Love the last line. Glad you are safe. Oh, and come on down!!!