Back to the North

After almost 2 weeks, I’m home again in the gray gloomy Poconos. My friend, Beth, drove back with me so we decided to keep on going and get home in one day. While the drive was a long one (16 and a half hours), it was good to get home, even though carrying luggage down the unshoveled 39 steps was difficult. Talk about mixed feelings. After so much time on my own, I was anxious not only for social interaction, but for the opportunity to see my friends face to face. Technology has kept me going — Skype, email, texts, Facebook, not to mention the telephone (you remember that, don’t you?). I quickly realized upon arriving at Lynda’s in Weaverville, that there is absolutely NO substitute for sitting down with good friends.

Once I got to Tallahassee, my dance card quickly filled up and, although I wondered what I had to offer to the conversation, I indulged myself and met with as many people as humanly possible. It was wonderful. My amazing friend, Robin, opened her house to me and Sydney without reservation or any demands on my time or presence for that matter. Sydney was well looked after and I was able to move around Tallahassee seeing friends, shopping, and getting reacquainted with a town that I lived in for 37 years. While I had a lot of time in between meals to contemplate the experience, I began to discover that my new home is, indeed, my home. That was important for me as you can imagine. In fact, when I got back late at night on Sunday, it was so familiar and welcoming. I’m sure at some point the aloneness will get to me but right now, it’s nice to be sitting here at my desk in front of the window looking out at the snow-filled yard while the wind whips through the bare trees. There is a very distinctive sound of the wind up here unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

There is so much to blog about — coffee at Eternal Grounds coffee shop, dinner with Kim and family, meeting people at Starbucks, the amazing book club that met me at Books a Million on Saturday afternoon just before I left, catching up with Jose and Brandon — that it will take days for me to relay some of the things I learned about traveling, eating while traveling!, and about myself as a transplant to the cold, wintry north.

I must say that, once I arrived home, I realized how much less stress there is to living up here. For example, yesterday I discovered that I had no dial tone. It’s happened before and probably there was a power blip or outage while I was gone so I wasn’t really worried. After trying to fix it myself (very pioneer of me except that it took 3 phone calls and multiple texts to Rachel and Dave for advice) I just let it go for a day and then called Blueridge Cable this morning. Unlike Comcast, I actually had my call answered by a real person in Hawley. He tried rebooting, then we talked for a while, and … wait for this … he apologized for the inconvenience I would be caused while they sent someone out to take a look — TODAY! About 15 minutes later, someone called me on my cell and said that they would be out this afternoon and wasn’t he sorry that I’d have to wait for them?! But, he said, try one more thing and I’ll call you back in a few minutes. I did and it worked. Now…there is no way this would have been resolved in less than 30 minutes in Tallahassee, so I had an extra reason for being glad I’m home. I love my friends dearly, love Tallahassee, but this trip helped me realize that the decision I made to move here was a good one. Gray and gloomy or not, it’s home for a while — a long while I guess — and one way or another I’m going to make the best of it!

2 replies on “Back to the North”

  1. lyndab says:

    So that’s what you’ve been up to!
    I think your heart is now in the North country.

  2. wv says:

    Lovely Pat.
    Sorry I missed you. :-(