Back to the Diner

drivetodiner2 This morning I awoke to a beautiful soft covering of snow. It was soft enough to cling to every branch and leaf; it seemed as if it was still snowing, but the light dusting was falling from the trees without any discernible wind. The sun came out and it is a glorious day. The temptation was to stay inside and admire the beautiful view but I decided to check out the local roads and go into the Milford Diner. My drive in was beautiful as you can see from the photo and I was glad to get out as I renavigate being on my own. After over 2 weeks of constant company it is very quiet. But, I have lots to blog about, many photos of friends to share, and my new hobby — gardening!

Back to the diner … yesterday before I drove Beth to meet her son who lives in Connecticut, we went into the diner. Honestly I was a bit worried that I’d have to start all over again but, to the contrary, I got a big welcome — hugs, enthusiastic greetings, and promises to “catch up.” When I arrived this morning for breakfast, Freddie took me to one of Nancy’s tables and poured my coffee even before I sat down. Nancy visited for a little while although she can’t stay in one place for very long — lots of tables to take care of and she is VERY good at what she does. One of the things I love about this place is that Nancy and the other waitresses are not discouraged from talking with customers, establishing relationships, and making it a place you want to go to. I’ve been in diners and restaurants where there is such a focus on table turnover that there is no civility, no kindness. The Milford Diner is quite the opposite and the service is wonderful and never seems to suffer even though people take the time to make you feel special.

When I finished breakfast I sat with Judy for a while — just talking and catching up. There always seems to be someone in the seat opposite Judy — her brother, her friend Greg, others that I’ve yet to meet — in fact, when I got ready to leave, Greg was waiting for my seat!! We laughed about that and it was a nice feeling that this type of interaction happens again and again and is always welcomed. Rather than feeling too much on my own, I felt a part of something that for a small part of the day makes a big difference. My good friends were concerned that my trip to Tallahassee might elicit some regrets about moving north. While it was wonderful to be there and be with friends, I have no regrets and am determined to make a life here in Lords Valley. The weather is lovely, I have my blog and a fire set and ready to be lit. I think I’ll go to the diner again tomorrow morning.

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