Alone Again…and Still Snowing!

The trouble with vacations is coming back!! After over a month of visiting, great conversation, fun shopping, coffee shops, and company, I am on my own again. After visiting Weaverville and then Tallahassee, I came back to having a guest for the better part of two weeks. Then Rachel and Mason came for a few days and ended up staying for the whole week. What a treat for me and Sydney! Everything we did was fun — cooking together, shopping, going to lunch in Milford, hunkering down by the fire. I always have a day or two of feeling let down after my kids leave. Somehow, my leaving them when I go into the city is not difficult at all, but when they leave here…well, that’s a different story.

A couple of things resulted from the last five weeks. First, I have realized that I do not have to wait and visit my friends only once a year. Second, somehow I need to make coming to Lords Valley more appealing so people will visit me! Third, I need to reassess whether I want to find something productive to do on a regular basis. And, last, I need to look at all of these things after it stops snowing! Perhaps this is nothing more than the predicted, much talked about cabin fever! But, I ask myself, how can it be cabin fever when I just got back? Easy!! It is still snowing! I have discovered that the weather in Lords Valley is much different from weather at lower elevations. Not rocket science you say? Of course it makes sense, but what I did not realize was that I can drive five minutes from here and see no snow! Sometimes it’s snowing on my street and not elsewhere in the area! It’s like the showers in Tallahassee in the summer. On the other hand, the snow provides me with an excuse to stay in, light a fire, pour a cup of coffee (or glass of wine depending on the time of day), and read a book.

I think part of my feeling let down is that yesterday when I went to the mail room someone said to me, “Well…Women’s Club must be over. Look at all the women here. Did you just come from bingo?” I was horrified to say the least. Do I look like someone who just came from bingo? Apparently I do. Or, is it assumed because I am a woman and it was a certain time of day? Whatever…it led to serious thoughts about getting a job, online or otherwise. Being alone requires a lot of thinking even though you might think it’s just the other way around. I think I’d best revisit these thoughts another time. For now I’ll think about adopting a Mediterranean diet as recommended in an article in this week’s NY Times, may cook something healthy like lentils, and will try to stop obsessing over the weather. If anyone wants to come visit, my guest rooms are ready and the driveway is clear. But…it is still snowing and I think we’ve got another month of winter!