Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Since I have shared my snow woes all winter I intended to blog yesterday complaining about the big snowfall we experienced this week, but decided that gray and gloomy can only be expressed so many times before it gets as boring as it really is!! (All you English majors out there will have a lot of fun with that sentence!) This morning I awoke to an absolutely spectacular sunrise, clear blue sky, sun reflecting off the icicles, and a terrific view of the mountains in the distance (look very carefully and you’ll see them). What a mood changer! photo-7

The aloe plant is following sunlight around the kitchen until it can live outside for a few months. Tallahassee spoiled me for keeping plants alive (which I am not very good at) and I was inspired by Robin’s deck and yard to do some serious gardening this spring. I have planned container gardens, made lists and so far I’ve kept the aloe from Tallahassee alive! My list of spring projects is getting longer by the day and, after meeting with the contractor on Monday (this should be interesting!), I’ll have a plan to put in place. At least I hope so. I can tell you that he will say that these are “small” projects, I can afford them and they won’t take long. But you and I have heard that all before! I wonder if he will say that we have to wait until we can use the driveway. Temperatures are supposed to reach the 50s in the next couple of days, so I am hoping for extensive melting that will encourage him to begin my projects. I have a feeling I’ll be writing about this in June!

My own project list involves a lot of painting. Those of you who know me well are already laughing over the gardening thing and now painting? I am trying to get motivated to do constructive things, get out of the house, and make this place so appealing that friends and relatives will be visiting all spring, summer, and fall!! My two-day-a-week exercise class started last week and I’ve finally found one that has such a diverse group that it doesn’t matter if I keep up or know the moves. It’s quite funny really — two men who do their own thing, one elderly woman (very nice and might be a good resource for gardening) completes all the moves in a limited fashion, several women who clearly work out often, and a few others like me that do our best to keep up and get the most of the hour! The group changes in April apparently when a lot of people return for spring and then in the summer it gets even larger with summer residents joining.

I am more optimistic today than the past couple of weeks and look forward to more sunny days! Even though I’m looking out at a snow-covered yard, I am sure by tomorrow I’ll be complaining that it’s all dirt and no green yet! I am proud to have almost experienced a full winter in the mountains (with the exception of my trip south of course — I wimped out for those couple of weeks!) and suspect that there will be more snow. I’d like to think otherwise!

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  1. wv says:

    I can just about hear the new, green life stretching and yawning, getting ready to burst out all over around your home. Can’t wait to watch all the things that start happening around there!