I Obviously Need More to Do…

After a quiet weekend, I am reflecting on how much I accomplished. Saturday and Sunday were sunny so I concentrated on moving my aloe plant to follow the sunbeam! photo-8 Every hour or so I moved the plant until the sun went down.

If you aren’t already laughing, you should be. My intentions were good. Robin gave me this pot with aloe to start my garden this spring, provided instructions — “benign neglect” — and sent me off sure that I could do no harm. This is a test of my skill as a plant nurturer. I’ve never been much good at it. I buy plants, hang them up or put them in a window box, and then let them fend for themselves, usually with disappointing results. Since I am looking for new hobbies and spring projects, gardening seemed to be very zen and surely this will work for me. I explained to my aloe plant this morning that it’s gray outside and we are probably going to get a couple of days of gray rainy weather so there is no sunbeam to follow. Not sure how much of what I said computed, but Robin is very encouraging that I am doing the right thing. My aloe plant comes from a HUGE pot of aloe that sits on Robin’s deck and has flourished for years. I feel the responsibility for keeping it alive very strongly and am a bit concerned that I will be held accountable! When I asked Robin how often I should water it, she asked if I had watered it since I got home from my visit to Tallahassee. “Of course,” I answered. After all it was over a month ago! Robin informed me that I had already watered it too much and to leave it alone, let it get pot bound and not be so attentive.

Since moving the aloe around the kitchen was my primary activity this weekend, other than reading three Patricia Cornwell Kay Scarpetta mysteries, I think I need more to do. With spring around the corner there will be plenty of little projects, but I’m actively pursuing some online work that will provide flexibility and requires a minimum commitment. Kind of like the aloe plant! Approaching the end of my first winter here with the promise of using my driveway soon, I am encouraged that things are falling into place albeit a bit more slowly than I expected. I met with Tim, the contractor, this morning about restructuring one of the bedrooms so you can actually walk around the bed and he assures me that the rain tomorrow will clear my driveway and I can use it. Any snow that we get from here on out will melt very quickly. I trust his opinion because his business depends on snow removal and construction so he would know!

I will continue to do whatever I can to keep my aloe plant alive. I think it might be me who needs the sunbeam so the aloe is becoming symbolic of life in the Poconos. Perhaps I’m overanalyzing this! Definitely need more to keep me active! Any suggestions?