Sure Signs of Spring?

I hope I have not angered the snow gods but three things occurred that I consider sure signs of spring: First, I took the plastic off the screened in porch. It did a great job keeping snow off the porch for the most part, but I am tired of looking through plastic to the yard. Second, I am using my driveway and am determined to keep doing it in spite of flurries predicted tomorrow (I really don’t believe that anyway). And, last, and maybe the most significant, on Saturday I wore shoes — NOT BOOTS! — for the first time and . . . without socks! I consider these rebellious moves on my part since it’s supposed to be in the 20s tomorrow night, but even so, I remain optimistic.


To my friends in Florida who think these are minor events, they are not! I am proud to have done well during my first winter in the northeast considering that it seemed to snow every day! Access to the house wasn’t too bad although climbing the 40 steps up and down from the car with groceries, supplies, dog, etc., while great exercise, gets tiresome after a while. Having the car right near the downstairs door makes life MUCH easier. Cleaning off the porch and even leaving the door open for a few minutes to air things out is also a big deal. Please stop laughing those of you who still think I’m crazy for having moved from Florida to Pennsylvania and not the other way around! And, the shoes!? This is huge. I am pretty close to putting the line-up of boots that are under the bench away for the season. This may be a bit premature, but it will really feel great!

The best sign of spring I’m told is when Lowe’s and Home Depot open their garden centers; when they put out gas grills and lawn equipment in place of the snow blowers; when the Blizzard Wizard display that reached to the ceiling is gone; and when firewood signs disappear from the roads and in their place are signs advertising gas tanks for grills and charcoal. I’m being a little optimistic here I know but I am enjoying these few moments of warmth in the sun and absolute freedom to move around. All of this said, I’ve been advised that Mother’s Day is the first time to try to put out flowers and plants so I can’t get too far ahead of myself. Fingers crossed that I didn’t do anything to bring on a late snowfall!