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Yes, there are places around here to go for a meal. It’s not like New York City, not even like Tallahassee. I still yearn for Kool Beanz and a good coffee shop! However, I have branched out from the diner a little and thought I’d share. Now that the weather has improved, it is time to get out and look around. Milford has several places to go for a good meal and for atmosphere and I’ve already reported on them. But, I discovered two new places this week — The Forklift Cafe and Pinehurst Inn. The Forklift Cafe is a vegetarian/vegan friendly café that Rachel and I discovered because my car needed brakes! The guys at the car place wanted to do the work early and said, “You can go to the Forklift Cafe for breakfast and then we’ll be done.” So, off we went on Thursday morning. To say that the Forklift Cafe is an eclectic part café part shop is an understatement. The food was wonderful, there were “regulars” who came in and were greeted by name, and it is a bright sun-filled small room with about 10 tables. The other half of the shop is a collection of shelves filled with knickknacks of every shape, size, and description. All for sale of course, and an odd collection of banks in the shape of high-heeled shoes to inspirational wall hangings. It was fun to try somewhere new and a change from Ray ‘n Charles which is also in Dingman’s.

Ray ‘n Charles bills itself as a diner, deli, beer place and caterer. It’s been there for ages and has a HUGE menu with eat-in service at one end of the store. You get your own drinks from the cooler and find a place to sit between the restrooms and the counter. All about comfort food, it’s not someplace I’d want to eat on a regular basis! But, their burgers are delicious!

Then there’s the Pinehurst Inn which will be featured on the Food Channel’s Restaurant Impossible in a month or so! pinehurst Last night, I went there with my friend Nancy for a drink and appetizers at the bar. We had stopped in there some months ago to pick up a gift card and it had indeed changed. The atmosphere is kind of sterile lodge but at least it’s brighter than it was. There were quite a few people there and a musician who obviously chose his music based on the age of the patrons! I liked his choices! It’s an okay place to go with very young wait staff and bar tender and all fried all the time appetizers! Nice to get out and sit with a friend and catch up, but I’m not sure I’d go there for dinner. The thing is, I really want local places to succeed. There’s a tendency here for locally owned businesses to come and go rather quickly because they depend on the tourists. Yet, people in the community complain that there aren’t enough places to go. Part of the problem is that in the winter people want to get home early so by 8:00, places are already clearing out!

I haven’t abandoned the diner, either. I went for breakfast yesterday which was a good thing since they were concerned about me and would have called if I didn’t show up! It’s nice to be missed and I had a lovely leisurely breakfast with good company. That’s my take on the latest and greatest in my world of eating out. Along with many others in the community I am looking forward to the rumored opening of a sports bar/restaurant nearby! Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference!

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  1. Rachel Dixon says:

    You forgot to mention that next time Dave and I come to visit, we’re gong to try the tapas place in Hawley that your hairdresser recommended!