More on Technology

On a dreary morning, I decided to go into the diner before shopping mostly because I knew that there would be someone there to talk to or that would say hello and start my day on a positive note! Besides, it’s on the way to Price Chopper. It’s no Publix, but it is a big store with fabulous produce. I was surprised to see Greg sitting with Judy trying to convince her to look at phones in a new way and upgrade to a smartphone or IPhone. Considering my comments the other day about the lack of technological know-how, I started thinking about some comments from friends and relatives on this subject. Three specific things happened this morning leading me to analyze this small amount of data on use of technology!

First, the sight of Greg showing Judy how to pinch a photo that he had taken to make it bigger. I am fortunate to have family that is beyond the typical as far as understanding all sorts of technological wonders — not just computers or IPhones, but IPads, website development, video editing, creation of all things using computers, and programming. So, I am a bit smug although my children will chuckle when they read this because as far as they are concerned I am pretty much a dinosaur. Or at least a mastodon!

Second, my sister-in-law, Jill, sent me a very long email that included her comments about people in her area and in her immediate circle of friends and acquaintances who would not even consider having a computer, much less communicating via computer. Her contention is that, once we retire, we lose the something that encourages us to learn new skills but I hope that’s not true. However, according to my data so far it’s looking grim and looking like she might be on to something. Jill was, of course, responding to my blog not just sending random thoughts on use of technology. I must say that she texts regularly with her daughter overseas and uses email every day and, given the limitations of her service provider in Australia, it is pretty amazing.

Third, in trying to complete my task of sending an e-vite for our high school reunion, I am updating the spreadsheet and receiving information by email that will help me create the invitation to be sent to my graduating class (year intentional omitted). This morning, Wendy emailed that she spoke with one of our classmates who said she doesn’t have email and couldn’t we please mail printed invitations! I am always stunned when I hear that people do not have email accounts since it is such an important part of my life. Instead of wondering and worrying how I will create an electronic invitation, I am not stressing over how to mail them out and who to mail them to. Do we mail to only those for whom we do not have email addresses? What about the people with only phone numbers and who didn’t return calls? Do we mail print invitations and the email one? Why does it seem like it’s more complicated than it should be?!

And last, Sharon commented on my blog that she thinks there is something about our work that provided the vehicle through which we learned how to communicate long distance and how to use technology to make our jobs easier (at least that’s how I interpreted her comments). But, and this is an important but, she also said that the idea of being technology free is somehow appealing and maybe she would be one of those people I mentioned who found the idea of having a computer totally foreign. I doubt it. I think once we are hooked on technology we are bound to it forever!

All of these things taken together spurred me to my computer to blog. I admit that I sleep with my IPhone and IPad on the nightstand; that I updated all of my electronics before I moved because I was worried about being out of touch; and that I am already thinking about my next computer, new IPhone, and next IPad! Before 7:00 AM today I had communicated with two dear friends and by 8:30 AM had heard from Australia. It was a comfort!