Back from Brooklyn

In spite of the current heat wave, it’s still fun to visit Brooklyn and the city. This trip was different in that I stayed several nights with Rachel in Park Slope and had dinner two nights with Michael and Allison. What a treat! I am almost ashamed to admit that Rachel and I ate out every meal including coffee in the morning on the way to the dog run. Whoever came up with the idea that people in New York and Brooklyn are rude or aloof should spend some time in both places. Everyone was so nice, from the people and their pets at the dog run to the walk-up window at Bagel World early in the morning. The window is there for those with pets so even the dogs got a treat as we picked up bagels and coffee (me) for breakfast! And, it wasn’t a quick stop either because everyone wants to talk, say hello, find out what’s going on in the neighborhood, and make sure you get what you want. So by way of warning, this blog is all about what I did on my short trip.

On Thursday night, after a visit to Buy Buy Baby and learning a lot from the stroller team and the car seat team, we had dinner with the Evans family. marseille Loree and I have known each other for the same number of years that I was part of the Tallahassee book club. She has been my advisor for classical literature and talking books with Loree is a real treat. Kate is an amazing young woman who had just seen Matilda on Broadway and so we had lots to talk about. John was happy to be dining at Marseille since he had already investigated the menu. We had a fabulous dinner with amazing service, especially once they realized we were not leaving for the theater and so could sit and enjoy the dinner complete with after dinner sparkling wine compliments of the house.

Friday night started at Veloce Wine Bar in the east village, an area that I had not been to in decades. What a change from not venturing anywhere near it to a destination for fine dining and entertainment. But, it still retains its original charm and the reminders of immigrant life on the lower east side. village3 John’s, an old-time Italian restaurant was our destination for dinner and, even though we had to talk VERY loudly to be heard, we had good conversation and a wonderful time. Note the candles in the background. Decades of dripping candles in wine bottles! johns

Saturday night we went to the West Village to Sacred Chow, a vegan restaurant with amazing food. What a special night it was to sit in a quiet place and have a family dinner. Of course, it would have been more complete if Dave had been able to be with us. My trip ended on Sunday with a beautiful brunch with Rachel, a visit to the Brooklyn Farmer’s Market, picking up coffee at Cafe Martin, and pastries for a treat at home from Du Jour. If it sounds as if the weekend was all about food, it kind of was, but we did a lot of walking, work around the apartment, and traveling around the city. It is amazing how much walking one does whether in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Just getting to and from public transport involves a good deal of exercise which is a very good thing when doing a food-oriented weekend with family! Home to the woods with leftovers, pastries, and wonderful coffee. What could be better than that?