Chihuahua Rescue Part II

As Paul Harvey would say, “Now for the rest of the story.” Again, just so I am not tagged the worst grandma ever, it was fun to get a photo of Riley’s first Seminole chop just in time for yesterday’s game at Boston College. rileyseminole My friends who are grandparents warned me that it would change my life being a grandmother and, indeed, it has not only changed what I do, but how I perceive things and how much I could miss one little, almost two-week old, human being! I WILL write this story for Riley and maybe even find someone to illustrate it.

The day after what we are now calling the Great Baby Coyote/Chihuahua Rescue, I went to Public Safety with thank you cards for Kendra and Shirley. Imagine my surprise when I saw Diane and Doreen (who answer phones) caring for the dog! Diane had already called the Wallenpaupack Veterinary Clinic (where I take Sydney) and they said they would take the dog and care for it for no charge. One glitch in this great plan — Diane couldn’t leave the phones and there was no one to take the dog to the vet. Add to that the drama of the Animal Warden coming by to pick the dog up and take it to the shelter. You know what happened next. I called Nancy and told her to get ready to ride with me to get the dog to the vet 20 miles away. nancyanddog We jumped in our getaway car one step ahead of the warden (we found this out later) and relinquished the dog to the vet.

Diane checked with the vet later that day and the dog was doing very well and would be adopted out to a family. So a happy ending for the dog. Regarding coyotes, there are quite a few of them in the community, and a notice was placed at the mail room to be on the lookout because at least one has been sighted and may have mange which is highly contagious to other mammals (rarely to humans so I’m told). So it wasn’t all that far off to think that this might have been a baby coyote since I only saw it limping away and couldn’t see its face. And, in my defense, it is a rather large chihuahua. Animals are all over the place — deer, chipmunks, squirrels, ground hogs, skunks — perhaps looking for a place to hunker down before the cold weather comes. The trees are changing and are lovely to see with what I call a Magritte sky in the background. I guess this is what you might call an “all’s right with the world” kind of morning which would only be more perfect if I had my friends to share it with.