Back in Tallahassee

After my last post, I received a lot of concerned phone calls and emails from my friends who apparently took my comments about feeling trapped by decisions I made very seriously. I appreciate that very much and took their concern as a sign that a trip south was in order. So, packed the dog in the car and left Lords Valley for Weaverville, North Carolina, before heading further south to Tallahassee. After a terrific visit with my friend, Lynda, I drove into Tallahassee to stay with Cousin Jill for almost 2 weeks. That’s a long visit I know, but it is very relaxed and gives me a chance to see lots of people! Sydney and Zelda are getting along very well and enjoying their early morning walks. sydandzelda

So, now that you’ve read the introduction, let me tell you that you can absolutely go home again and feel just as comfortable as ever! My book club had a special Saturday meeting to accommodate my visit and it was just like I had never left. What a joy to spend time with such vibrant and interesting women. We all love our book clubs, but I think mine is very special! The virtual book club that I belong to is wonderful too, but there is no substitute for face to face not to mention the mimosas and food!

Since most of my friends are still working people, I am eating far too much and too often! All of my lunches and dinners are scheduled and the time is going much too quickly. Siam Sushi, Kool Beanz, Village Inn, Hopkins Eatery, so far and of course Jill’s. A few nights ago we made a one pot pasta dish that was fabulous — I strongly recommend googling one pot pasta and trying it. You will be surprised and it’s very versatile — you can add whatever you want to it. It’s good for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans!!

Tallahassee is as beautiful as ever and it would be hard to find a place more lovely in the morning. park Coffee, lunch, dinner with friends and former co-workers reminds me how grateful I should be to not be involved in the stress, politics, and inconsistencies of working for a large institution.

So I’ve really come full circle thanks to friends and family. From feeling trapped in Pennsylvania because I chose to pick up, leave everything familiar, and live far from what I knew for 37 years, to feeling fortunate to be close to my children and granddaughter and having a life that others envy (for reasons that I’m still trying to understand). I don’t have much money but I do have a fabulous place to stay in Tallahassee and, what’s more important to me, the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds. Dinner last night with Libby and Brian reminded me to think of others and put my own perceived problems in a larger context. Jill has helped me look at other people in new ways after a trip to the Tallahassee Senior Center art show and wreathes and sweets. While this post may not be the most interesting, isn’t particularly entertaining, it is important for me to set right some things after my last post. Try going home again — it is therapeutic. Try one pot pasta with a friend — it’s delicious! Try taking the time to see the beautiful morning, the space station passing over, the blimp in town for the big game. Looking at the big picture helps me appreciate the smaller one!