When Stubborn becomes Stupid!

I have written a lot about access to my house, the ridiculously steep and curvy driveway and the 40 stairs to the top driveway at street level. However, I have never had an issue with getting to my car or getting out — until now. In spite of the fact that Sydney slid across the yard trying to reach the trees which indicated that the yard was a solid sheet of ice, and flying in the face of all the dire weather reports about ice, etc., I decided to try and get to my car which you can just see at the top of the steps. icystairs I took a small container of ice melt with me of course and was only to the stairs and most of it was gone. Not that it was doing any good mind you. The handrails were covered with thick ice so nothing to hold onto. Any reasonable person would turn around and go back into the warm house, heat up a cup of coffee, and catch up on the months of New Yorkers sitting on my chair. But not me! I was determined not to feel trapped and to get to the top!

So I soldiered on thinking that the spaces between the steps that are filled with gravel would be okay. They were not and were solid ice as well. The garbage can that is about 2/3 up the steps has more ice melt in it so I was convinced that upon reaching that all would be well. I did, pounded the ice off the top and started scooping ice melt with my hands into the now-empty container. I realized at that point that I was well and truly stuck and needed to make a decision so I kept going and reached the top. Now out of ice melt again, I was immediately made aware that the driveway was also a solid sheet of ice and there was no way I could reach the car. Looking down the stairs, I quickly saw the error of my ways. Being stubborn is a trait that is often admired but it can go too far and turn to just plain stupid. My cell phone was in my pocket and I could imagine calling Public Safety and saying, “I am the most ridiculous person living here and I’m stuck at the stop of the stairs and can’t get down!” Somewhat like, “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” I made my way back to the ice melt supply, filled up the container again, having abandoned all hope of getting to the car, and walked sideways down the stairs to the deck which was also ice. icydeck

Needless to say (because I’m writing this), I made it back into the house uninjured and didn’t have to send for help! Of course, now I am in the house with no ice melt anywhere except up at the top of the stairs and feeling a bit trapped. I called Tim with whom I have a snow plow contract and asked them to spread something on the driveway which they did (but not in front of the car of course!). Also was hoping and asked for help with the steps but they haven’t done that unless they are planning a return trip later. It took me a lot to decide to write this because I do sound like a total idiot, but there is a need for all of us to have access to the outside world not just electronically but real access. Then I thought of all the times the people I worked with noted (usually very kindly) how stubborn I am and I can only imagine how annoying it must have been when and if that stubbornness turned to stupidity! I guess there’s a lesson in everything. Happily ensconced with all of my electronic equipment that keeps me in touch and with lots of food in the house, hot drinks, and firewood, I can honestly say I’ve learned my lesson. Then again, my brain says I’ll probably do this or something like it again. Guess I’m just an old dog!