Help! I’m Trapped in a Postcard

Isn’t it beautiful? So, why do I feel like I’m trapped, hemmed in, imprisoned, unreachable? Well…that’s a bit dramatic since I can get to my car if I need to although the stairs are no longer visible and are totally covered in snow. My yearly plowing contract for which I pay A LOT doesn’t seem to be in effect on the weekend although I am still hopeful.

What’s different this year from last year when I enjoyed the challenge of getting access, finding my way up the stairs, starting the car, going to the dump and mail room? Last year it was finding ways to survive my first winter and learning how to winterize the house, stack firewood, make fires that keep the room warm, and still going to the diner and into the city. This year, however, it’s more chores and sometimes going through the motions. accumulation

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only been home since Thursday night after a wonderful couple of days in New York City and Brooklyn. On Wednesday night, we all went to Sotto Voce, a terrific restaurant in Park Slope and had a family dinner (unfortunately minus Allison who was not feeling well) that couldn’t have been more fun. On Thursday I babysat Riley for a few hours while Rachel worked and what a joy that was! Yesterday, while the snow fell heavily, I wrote out all my Christmas cards, did some online shopping in case I can’t get to the stores, and built a beautiful roaring fire that cozied up the place. Today, more firewood stacking and am so lucky to have the luxury of being able to sit and read, watch football and count my blessings.

There are many things I am thankful for in the snow-filled days — not losing power, having plenty of food and wine in the house, being able to leave if I really want to make the effort, and having friends and family who email, call, contact me on Facebook, and otherwise support my snow-bound whining. The sun is shining now and maybe we will even have some melting leaving of course ice underneath!! icicles Killer icicles are dripping a bit so it could always be worse. In the meantime, my challenge for winter number two is to get used to it, either stay in and find stuff to do, or get out there and stop complaining. I am not totally isolated since living in this community provides me with plenty of resources should I need them. Today I’m wishing for a house that is more accessible — without the steep curvy driveway and stairs — but meanwhile at least it’s in a picture postcard perfect setting! Come visit. Bring your snowshoes!