His Mother Was a Nun

Yesterday was a very gloomy day with dire predictions for the week’s weather. That doesn’t help one’s mood when I’m already suffering the winter doldrums, so I filled the tank with gas and headed to S&T Auto to have the car serviced. That way I could pack up and leave anytime I want to without much stress. I also had a new parking pad poured which the guys swear will give me easier access almost immediately after plowing (see tomorrow’s post with photos!). So, what does this have to do with nuns? It’s really about S&T Auto.

S&T is about 15 miles down PA 739, a main road between Lords Valley and Dingman’s Ferry. The Dingman’s Bridge over the Delaware is the last privately owned bridge over the Delaware and is still owned and operated by descendants of the three brothers that moved another bridge to its current location in 1900. It connects Pike County with Sussex County in New Jersey. But I digress. S&T is owned and operated by a colorful pair who may or may not be retired policemen depending on who you ask. They are crossword puzzle fanatics and sit in the little office overseeing several mechanics who take wonderful care of my car. The office itself can’t be more than 8×8 so conversation is intimate. Now to the nun part.

When I walked in yesterday morning, knowing I was early but since I was already out and partway there, it made sense to go and sit for a bit. There’s inappropriate joke telling, always conversation about travel to Florida and how ridiculous I am to drive, and the benefits and disadvantages of having a dog. So I was not surprised to find a conversation in progress with another customer. As I opened the door, I heard, “Yes, his mother was a nun.” One of them said, “What? I guess she left the convent,” to which the other replied, “Of course, and married a Jewish guy.” This just can’t get any better! Once this was all sorted out, they discussed who had more relatives that were nuns. My friend, one of the owners, said his sister was a nun, but the man waiting for his car trumped it all. “I have two aunts, twins, who are nuns. Twin nuns!” Then he collected his car, wished everyone a Happy New Year, and left.

The conversation then took a turn to travel to Florida, how was I going to go, why would I drive when it’s so easy to fly and rent a car, and why do people own dogs that limit their travel. Not nearly as interesting and engaging as the nun conversation! A few minutes later, my car was ready, we all said our Happy New Years, I was told to drive safely and see you again in 3500 miles! You just never know what you will hear at S&T! And, I’m ready to escape when necessary!