Weather-driven Decisions

driveway2 This is my driveway. I have written about it before and, while is looks quite benign this morning, it is virtually unusable in the winter. After the last snowfall and icefall (is there such a thing?) I blogged about feeling trapped and paid lots to get access to my car and to the street. The driveway “up top” is flat and I pay to have it plowed. However, if I’m parked there they can’t plow and still have to shovel out in front and back of the car. One of the guys from Homer’s Construction recommended a small parking pad made of composite (whatever that is) that would make plowing easier and more efficient. I agreed of course since I always seem to defer to the experts!

Yesterday I returned at lunchtime (having gone to S&T, filled the tank with gas, and bought groceries in anticipation of the terrible weather we’re supposed to get) to see a dump truck and earth moving equipment plus two trucks at the top of the driveway. My little parking pad was under construction (which really just involved dumping stones onto the dirt) but I still couldn’t see the sense of it. Once it was done, I was summoned up top, moved my car to the new pad, and Jay (Tim’s brother) proceeded to explain to me why this was a good thing. parkingpad2

I’m still not sure how this benefits me — I know it makes it easier to plow the driveway and apparently then I can “zoom right out,” according to Jay. It will also ensure that they don’t hit the fence again and, Jay says, ice won’t accumulate because they can plow efficiently. So, another weather-driven decision for me and I’m hoping it’s the last. Meanwhile, it’s sunny and quite nice out, but snow is still predicted for the next four days. Low on Friday is supposed to be -8, high today is 31. But…I can get out of my driveway after it’s plowed! Planning my escape has become my obsession!