Everything Happens for a Reason?

I love this expression. It’s kind of like “being in the right place at the right time” or “it is what it is.” On New Year’s Day, I was trying to adjust my attitude, made a pot of coffee, set up the recliner, got out my new book, and set up my spot for the day. Up and down the steps many times, I never went further than the sitting room downstairs — no need to. But, before I sat down to watch six bowl games, I decided to check on the dog who likes to curl up between the guest room bed and the heater. I found myself sloshing through the carpet which was wet in the hall outside the bathroom, and had wicked into both bedrooms! I looked into the bathroom and the tub and toilet were full of dirt and grime and my first reaction was to go upstairs and ignore it! It’s New Year’s Day after all but I knew I had to do something. Naturally, I posted on Facebook! What a reaction that got and the best one of all was Ken, who messaged, “Call me now.” I did and the next thing I knew, Ken and Eileen, Nancy, her friend, Buffy and Buffy’s friend Greg were at my door checking up on me. Ken immediately went downstairs with me and assured me that it was a blockage in the septic tank, not something under the slab or more serious.

As I always do, I called Tim from Homer’s Construction and he sent Kenny to take care of things. Kenny used a shop vac to get up some of the water in the carpets and then thought he could clear the blockage. Of course Ken had already tried plunger, etc., so Tim came with a pick axe to get to the septic tank top and see what was going on. In the darkening cold, they fixed it apparently, and left a giant blower to dry out the carpets and the shop vac for some reason that I don’t understand.



When I heard the bootsteps on the stairs and saw everyone at my door, I was surprised to see Ken, Eileen, Nancy, Buffy and Greg, but it was so good to have someone else to look at the problem, to talk to about it, to commisserate with, to get support from, all those things. I didn’t realize that and thought I was happy feeling sorry for myself about it all and bemoaning the fact that I was alone and had to deal with issue after issue associated with owning a home. So, I had a good feeling that when something like this happens, there are people who care and are willing to come in person to check. Love Facebook for providing the forum. Ashby weighed in with advice; Earl did through Beth; my high school friends, Corinne, Barbara, and Janet, all had advice; Robin suggested bloody mary’s and Wanda agreed. How can you feel alone with all this going on? So in my convulated way of thinking about this, the overflow happened so I could realize that I’m not as alone as I think I am!! Thanks everyone. Now if Tim would only return my plunger!!