Blogging Hiatus

There is no reason why I have not blogged in what seems like ages. My friend, Robin, asked me why I hadn’t written anything lately and I have no good (or otherwise) reason at all. After a wonderful month in Tallahassee I came home renewed, reconnected, and motivated to pursue some consulting work. Then the reality of snow, ice, cold, and the grayest dreariest winter I’ve ever experienced hit me. Now I have been told that I cannot complain because I was away for February and so have no business bemoaning the winter, but I do anyway. It’s March 31st and it snowed again last night. Just enough to ice everything over making the stairs treacherous and the car so covered in ice that even my Prestone Ice Melt didn’t make a difference! This is not motivation to get out there and do stuff that’s for sure.

Being in Tallahassee for long enough to really visit with friends and have meaningful conversations was a real luxury. Visiting for a short time is nice but it becomes a bit frantic, trying to see a lot of people and never really doing or saying anything of consequence. This visit was different thanks to the generosity of my cousin Jill who put up with me for a month! I had time to go to Madison, Florida, to see the amazing home and property of Wanda and Jim. Jim Glaser, a wood artist of extraordinary talent, has turned their property into a glorious homage to his art. Their home is so lovely but the outside of the home, the patio, gardening area, and tower are a treat to see. photo 1

The Tallahassee Book Club met for dinner at Bella Bella and eight women, bottles of wine, good food made for a very special night. But…not only did we meet then, I was also able to attend the monthly book club meeting at KC’s home. As usual, the food and wine were spectacular but the company even better. We even discussed the book! Only because I had the flexibility to stay for awhile was I able to take part. My dear friend, Kim, and I took what has become our annual trip to Thomasville where we had hors d’oeuvres at Sweet Grass Dairy and dinner at The Blue Coop, their new restaurant. At the risk of sounding snobby, I much prefer Sweet Grass Dairy to their fancier place and was not impressed by the food there considering how pricey it was!! Dinner at Sage was much better and more comfortable I thought. It’s never really the food or the place, however, it’s the company!kimsage

Coming home was a rude awakening. The roof was shoveled twice and the volume of snow was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure it will be summertime before I see my driveway! The joy and excitement of being in beautiful Tallahassee was quickly replaced the realization of how gray and dreary it can be in the mountains in winter. The upside of coming back was seeing my fabulous children and granddaughter. I couldn’t get into the city and Brooklyn fast enough. Since then I’ve made weekly trips in and that has been the thing that has saved winter for me. This week I’ll drive to Connecticut to spend the day with my cousin, Ann, and so have been finding more and more positives about coming home. And, that is the truth — this is home now and, as comfortable as I am in Tallahassee, I am getting used to being a visitor.