Is It Spring Yet?

After whining and complaining all winter long, I thought a spring-related blog might be appropriate. Of course, it’s not spring yet here. It’s difficult to get my head around the fact that it’s May 1st this week since the annual closet switch hasn’t happened yet. Still wearing winter clothes and still need a jacket to go on walks with the dog. Of course, I did put away the ice walkers, hats and gloves. There was a couple of days a week or so back when the doors and windows were opened and today I’ve turned off the heat and left the door open for Sydney to go in and out if she wants to bask in the sun on the deck. So it is not hopeless.

Last year, the people at the local nursery told me that “we don’t plant here before Mother’s Day,” and now I believe it. Last year I planted well before May but that was different. There are a few buds on the trees and, driving into Brooklyn last week just a little south and east there are trees in full bloom and cherry blossoms in Brooklyn and Manhattan. There is some greening in the yard and somehow flies and other flying things seem to have appeared the minute the snow melted. There are several birds making a nest in the eaves beside the screened in porch. Chickadees I think. Rachel and I saw an amazing pair of hawks flying together close to the house. I’m guessing that they had a wingspan of 5-6 feet. I heard there’s an eagle’s nest at Lake McConnell which is in the community. So there are indications that there may be a spring in the our future. My guess is next week and I am determined to buy some herbs and flowering plants to spruce things up. When Michael visited, we brought up all the planters and plant-related items — so much easier with two people — and he carried up two large bags of potting soil.

I am more than ready for warmer days — not as warm as Tallahassee of course — typically in the 60s during the day and 40s at night which will be lovely. Seeing deer is a more common occurrence and there’s lots of other wildlife — chipmunks, hedgehogs — no skunks yet and no bear sightings. I am hopeful that spring will also be a mood-improver. After so many years of making things happen, I am now waiting for things to happen. You might think that this is (1) easy to remedy and (2) not a bad thing. “Get out and do something,” you may be thinking. Easier said than done I’m afraid. And, waiting for things to happen isn’t so bad, it just takes getting used to. I have started my nature/weather journal and find that thinking about what to write is a good mental exercise. Going to Brooklyn once a week to be grandma to Riley and company for Rachel is something I look forward to very much. Not to mention that Whole Foods Brooklyn has a HUGE parking lot and is a convenient stopping place before driving home.

Spring is coming very soon and with it new things to think about, blog about, write about, and explore. This was one long winter!