A Bit of Crazy in the Poconos

After whining that I had “not a thing” to do after my friend Lynda’s visit in early May, life got a little crazy in my house. Rachel’s dog, Mason, had serious knee surgery (who knew dogs had knees?) that required NO STAIRS!! Since Rachel, Dave, and Riley live in a fourth-floor walk-up in Brooklyn, this became a serious problem. My house has stairs also, but only one short carpeted flight which would make carrying Mason up and down to the yard much easier than at home. So…Rachel, Riley, Dave, and Mason arrived here on May 9th after Mason’s surgery. (For those who also didn’t know about dog knees, my friend Robin looked it up and they do, indeed have knees and elbows!) We are now in week 3 of three generations of Dixon women living together and Dave driving up for the weekends. photo

The plan for Mason’s recuperation is for Rachel and Riley to stay one more week, then go home for a week and weekend, then back again. Mason is confined to a crate when we are not supervising and I have a couple of things in the city so this schedule allows me to keep up with my own things while caring for Mason (with Rachel’s help) for 8 weeks or so. My friend Lynda’s visit was cancelled as, for the first week, it was pretty chaotic. Sydney doesn’t understand why couches are off limits, rooms are blocked off, and the stairs are unusable unless we move the bench blocking them. Mason is doing nicely and wants to run and play so it will only get harder to keep her activities restricted.

The upside of all this is that I am living close enough for this to happen AND I have the absolute pleasure of spending time with Rachel and Riley during the week. We have enjoyed our time together and I have loved being grandma. But, I must admit it is exhausting and raising babies is for the young and energetic. And she’s not even walking yet. I am resolved to eat healthy, restart my daily walks, and do as much as I can to keep up! I recently visited with my 99-year-old Aunt Viola who says it’s all a state of mind and being an “almost vegetarian!” It’s been a busy few weeks and I have enjoyed every moment — maybe that’s an overstatement — just about every moment.