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Spring with a Vengeance

In a matter of less than 6 weeks, my view went from this photo 1-1 to this fromporchwinter to this fromporch

All of a sudden there was pollen everywhere, I can no longer see through to the mountains, and there is actually a little bit of grass in the yard. Rachel was here for the transition and we marveled at how quickly the view changed. While it was still cool to cold, it was time to go plant shopping. The week after Mother’s Day (that’s the rule up here for planting) — never plant before Mother’s Day — we went plant shopping. I don’t want to jinx it, but I had very good luck last year with herbs (first time ever) so I decided to concentrate on herbs again this year. As you can see, they are doing quite well and, in spite of a solid week of heavy downpours, they are still thriving! dogsondeck

No…I did not get a second dog (although I would keep Mason in a minute!). Rachel and Dave’s dog, Mason Dixon, is recuperating from knee surgery so has been staying here where there is only one flight of stairs to manage. She loves the freedom of the deck and porch but now, after 6 weeks, she is getting annoyed with having to be on the leash and not allowed to jump and run not to mention sleeping in the crate when not supervised. I think she misses her family too. To that end, Rachel and Riley have been coming out every second week to share doggie care responsibility. What an absolute joy for me to have them. We shopped for plants together (Riley loves them!) and took a selfie of the three generations of Dixon women. photo While I know I’ve shared this image before, it is a favorite so I hope you’ll bear with me. Dave visits on the weekends and, as Rachel and I planted the windowboxes, he and Riley climbed up the hill in front of the house. daveriley

So for me it’s been a good spring with wonderful company, time with my granddaughter, and lots to still look forward to in the summer. Big changes at the diner since it was sold very suddenly. Lots of long faces, complaints about change and so I haven’t been as frequently as I used to. Like the dog run, I try not to go to places with negative vibes. It just isn’t good for one’s overall well-being!! But…spring having arrived is. Sitting on the porch with coffee or (later in the day) wine, watching the dogs move from sunbeam to sunbeam, eating healthy foods with my own herbs, and spending time with family — all very good for overall well-being!