The Purring Bird

I often leave the door open so Sydney can go in and out from the house to the deck and the yard. dogsondeck Sometimes I wonder if I am issuing an invitation for small (or large I guess) animals to come into the house. Not standing guard, there are hours of the door being open. Sunday night, I was watching tv and I heard a purring sound kind of like a low growl. I looked over and figured it was Sydney snoring or hearing something outside. It was late, almost dark, and the screen door was closed. Then I heard it again and Sydney started growling and barking so I realized it wasn’t her. It sounded like it was coming from the living room maybe under the couch as if there was an animal in the house. Bravely I got up and walked around the room with Sydney right at my heels (she wasn’t all that brave) and heard it again and again. I was quite sure something had gotten into the house earlier and was only now making its presence known. After walking around for a bit longer, I realized it might be coming from the roof! Why the sound travels the way it does in this house is beyond my understanding. It probably has something to do with the fact that there are no ceilings so I hear every little thing from the rooftop.

20110410-bird-on-roof (This is not the actual bird, just a bird actor portraying my bird.) Climbing the outside front stairs I could look down on the roof and there was a decent sized bird pecking away at the roof. I watched it for a few minutes, yelled something, and it flew off. It wasn’t huge but not small, not as big as a turkey or a hawk, maybe as large as a pileated woodpecker. It flew off so quickly I couldn’t even see any identifying colors or markings. Went back into the house, the noise had stopped, so I was satisfied yet puzzled. How does a bird make a noise that sounds like an animal purring? Maybe one of my friends knows the answer — Todd Engstrom perhaps! So you shouldn’t think I’m absolutely crazy, it happened again last night. This time, Sydney was up and barking and I immediately headed for the stairs and there was the same bird (I assume) pecking at the roof. It flew off very quickly again so I didn’t get any better look, but am now more curious than ever. I am a city girl. Living in the mountains and the woods has been a real education for me and one that I’m still not sure I want! It is very disconcerting to hear animal noises outside the window as I wake up or while watching tv. Turkeys using the deck to launch into the trees (they don’t do this so much anymore now that I’m here full time) or deer walking up the driveway. While it sounds idyllic, I am totally paranoid that something will get into the house. I definitely need a plan!