Busier than I Expected

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is that my summer turned out to be busier than I ever anticipated! In May, I sulkily (is that a word?) looked at my totally empty calendar feeling very sorry for myself and wondering what on earth I was going to do to fill in all that time. Through a series of unfortunately events (for Mason, Rachel’s dog), I had Rachel, Riley, and Mason with me for a major part of the summer. What a treat it was to have them here for a few days, sometimes weeks, at a time. What a joy to get to know my granddaughter really well! Then, my dear friend Kim and her family stopped by. That was the day that started the septic tank drama! Of course, always when you have company. It was so embarrassing but they understood and I think were concerned. Homer’s arrived to take care of things and it was then I realized my summer was getting a bit crazy. The septic drama took a couple of weeks to resolve as I reported earlier (ad nauseum you might say). Then my good friends Lynda and Brian stopped in for a few nights on either side of their trip to Boston. What a treat that was! I finally had a chance to return their hospitality after stopping at their home in Weaverville so many times going to and from Tallahassee. One of the trips was just to Weaverville and back to visit and catch up so it was fun to be able to have them here. Scattered in between were weekly visits to Brooklyn and the city. Every time there is an “occasion” I feel so lucky to be close enough to just get in the car and go. Michael turned 40 and, for the first time in a long time, I actually spent his birthday with him. Then came back into the city for a family brunch for both his and Allison’s birthdays.

Riley turned one last week so I was able to get involved in that too. She and her mom and I baked 40 cupcakes and 70 or so mini-muffins. Riley was a HUGE help as you can imagine but, as it turns out, she didn’t like the cupcakes at all and preferred the carrot and banana muffins (separate batches of course!). baking We froze all the baked goods and transported them back to Brooklyn for the Sunday party in the park. It was a beautiful day, special to be with family, and Riley stayed awake for most of it! birthday

Another reason I haven’t blogged is that I have blogged — in my head! Anyone who knows me well knows that I do all my writing in my head before anything ever gets put down on paper (metaphorical paper of course!). So I have blogged about books, television, Roku, dogs, Pennsylvania wildlife, and the like but just never thought it interesting enough for others to read. Now I’m getting used to being alone in the house again (just when there’s a gunman on the loose) and being on my own for a bit. No trips into the city for a couple of weeks in an attempt to be frugal — we’ll see how that works out!! More blogs to follow. I have to clear my brain!