Living in a Postcard

fallcolor This morning on my walk with Sydney I wished I could capture the beauty of it all. The view here is what we were looking at as we walked toward home. Must admit, I never realized that ferns changed color (I may have mentioned this last fall!) but they turned golden from green overnight! The trees are all sorts of colors even though the “official” fall foliage tour folks say we haven’t reached the peak yet. The golden leaves are falling as quickly as they are changing color and acorns are raining from the trees making lots of noise on the roof! I can hear chain saws in the distance and it’s clear that winterizing has to happen before I leave for my trip south. What does this mean? Finding someone to deliver and stack wood — the person who was going to deliver last week hasn’t responded to my calls so I’m waiting another day or two before I call someone else. Don’t people need the work? The money? I guess not. Then, the plastic needs to be put up along the bottom of the porch screens to protect it a bit from snow and ice. And the air conditioner cover of course. All the planters and porch pillows, etc., need to be carried to the shed — the grill too. And, the Adirondack chairs should be put away as well. Not very interesting to blog about I know, but it does provide a sense of what we think about at the change of seasons. Anticipating winter has become a hobby!

photo-3I will remember to bring in my little ceramic good luck birds that were the subject of a blog last winter and have already winterized the beds with down comforters. The car will get its pre-winter pre-trip check up next week along with new front tires. There’s a lot to think about when the fall weather is beautiful and the landscape changes from lovely to spectacular. On Monday I drove to Fishkill, NY, which is about an hour away and tried to take photos out the car window while driving. Not very smart and I won’t do that again! Besides, I couldn’t capture the colors and the vastness of it all. fallcolor2

While driving to Brooklyn yesterday, I tried to remember what the roads were like when it snowed. It’s all people are talking about up here. At the diner last week there was talk about how awful the winter was going to be but hope that it wouldn’t be as bad as last year. Whatever all that means. My neighbors moved in next door and we chatted during my morning walk. They wanted to know what it was like being here last winter. So the talk has begun in spite of the weather being lovely. On the other hand, what else do we all have to talk about? The fact that those we call for help with the house show up when/if they want to? That no one up here seems to return phone calls? The gossip at the mail room the other day is that we are getting a new grocery store! Big news for here since the only local store within 20 miles is the Weis Market which is pretty bad. Everyone is wishing for Whole Foods or Wegmans but it’s likely not to be anything that sophisticated. We are in the mountains after all!! The gunman is still on the loose and people around here seem to be leaving their lights on at night so I am too. State troopers apparently keep spotting him but, for some reason, cannot apprehend him. Very creepy and I’m so glad to have a dog who barks at everything! So that’s about all from the Poconos today. Facing my third winter here, I may be finally getting used to living in this house in this place. Not quite, but almost there.