What I Learned on My Trip Part I

Having just returned from a 3-week trip to Tallahassee and Weaverville, I have so much to ponder about so many things. I pretty much ate my way through Tallahassee yet again, meeting friends and colleagues for breakfast, lunch, and dinner almost every day. The days I did not have plans, I happily spent with my cousin, Jill. jillandgrill I learned a lot about assembling a grill and a fire pit. There is a lot of frustration, swearing, and getting into uncomfortable positions required to put together a grill. Strength is a plus and it took two of us to bend and twist the frame to the fire pit. With the help of our four-footed friends, we prevailed just in time for Jill to host a barbecue with smores for dessert. It was very satisfying (and not just the food). firepit

publixAnother thing I quickly realized was how much I miss Publix! As supermarkets go, it’s the best for so many reasons — great produce, great deli, large wine selection, an actual butcher who can help, sushi made on the premises — I could go on and on. I learned, however, that Publix + Whole Foods + Trader Joe’s = a shopping bonanza.

Tallahassee is as beautiful as ever with so much to offer. Each day as I drove from Marion Avenue to my destination, I was taken by the lush trees that lined the streets and the flowers that bloom all year long. As I write this, it is snowing and I am already wondering if I should move my car to the top of the driveway! Known for its beauty I was treated to an unexpected look a look at one of the only old growth longleaf pine forests left in the southeast — Greenwood Plantation. greenwood2My good friend, Kim, and I spent the day in Thomasville and on the way home she suggested we take a look. It was like traveling back in time to what the area looked like when plantations lined the road between Thomasville and Tallahassee. Still privately owned, Greenwood Plantation is a treasure that I knew little about until my day with Kim.

My friend, Robin, taught me about getting an Emeritus parking pass at FSU for only $10! She drove me to the University Center and the Card Center and, in less than an hour, I had my FSU ID card, a parking sticker and a gate card. Next time I have meetings at the University I will not have to be “fetched” by someone running from the building before I am parked illegally!! It’s the little things.

After 2 days home, with a little bit of time to reflect, I can saky that I learned the following: spending time with friends for companionship and great conversation sustains me; I am comfortable in my new home in the woods; and it is possible to have the best of both worlds. I just did.