There’s Cold and There’s Cold!

The big topic of conversation up here seems to be the weather which is not unusual for this time of year. What has changed, however, is the beginning of every conversation, “Are you keeping warm?” The temperatures dropped to ridiculous numbers — what is -18 supposed to “feel like” anyway? The temperatures have been in single digits and the feel like temp is just silly. Easy for me to say since I don’t have to go out if I don’t want to. Taking the dogs out in the yard has become a chore because it involves, boots, hat, gloves, and heavy jacket for a walk around the yard that lasts less than 2 minutes! The dogs aren’t foolish enough to stay out in the cold. Riley and Rachel are visiting and Mason (their dog) is still with me recuperating from her second knee surgery. They haven’t left the house since they got here a week ago! Just too cold to take a toddler out.

The good news, though, is it is sunny and beautiful, the snow is fluffy so the driveway has been usable, and there hasn’t been a lot of ice. While the cold is a force to be reckoned with, we are well prepared here in the mountains. We have the appropriate clothes, boots, cars, and plenty of firewood. My friends in Florida are not as well suited for the cold and have had a difficult time lately. When my friend, Larry, said it was 19 degrees in Destin last week, we agreed that their homes are not made for such temperatures for sure. I’ve been out to the store, the dump, the mail room, the bank, that kind of thing and have survived just fine. What a luxury to be able to use the driveway to unload groceries or load up trash and recycling. It sounds silly I know but it was something I did not have last year from November through March. I haven’t decided if the fires I have been making actually warm the house or just warm us because it is emotionally a lovely thing. It doesn’t matter except that I was running out of firewood so had to try and get another delivery while the driveway was usable. The Carraciallo brothers are expensive but at least answer the phone so they delivered another half cord two days ago. Jimmy and his helper (who I’m absolutely sure was high on something) stacked the wood and informed me that John (the other brother) would have to take care of me next year because Jimmy was now a chef for a drag racing team and was headed south! Crazy.

Today I went to the grocery store for important items — bitters and maraschino cherries to make cocktails tonight — and found out that the cold weather apparently gives people permission to wear pajamas to the store. I went into two stores and saw at least 5 people wearing pajama bottoms. Really? Is that the warmest thing you have? And, we all know that we are just going from the car or truck to the store, so what’s the deal? Rachel says cold weather makes people crazy!

I am determined to keep to my once a week blog and have so many things I could have blogged about but this seemed appropriate given that it’s the main topic of our news as well as local conversation. Feeling quite smug, of course, I do not hesitate to share with people up here that I’m headed to Florida at the end of the month and will likely spend all of February there. Time to go stoke the fire and look at the beautiful sunny snow covered yard but I’m not going out!