Monthly Archives: February 2015

Back in Tallahassee

I have already broken my New Year resolution by not blogging every week in spite of my friend, Robin, reminding me (as I asked her to)! It could be that I’ve been traveling, doing some consulting work, or trying to be polite and not squirrel myself away in my bedroom but that would not be truthful. Just hadn’t been motivated but I’ve written many blogposts in my head.

My cousin, Jill, keeps my February reservation open and so I left the icy, snowy, gray Poconos behind. Had to find a day in between snowstorms to get started and kept driving south til there was no more white stuff on the ground. icicles



You can tell from these photos that, when my Tallahassee friends complain about the cold, I have little sympathy. It is glorious to walk the dog to the park near Jill’s home and to leave the house without a jacket. tallypark Sydney is enjoying the weather, too, but I don’t want to gloat too much since I will soon be going back to dealing with the weather determining what I can and cannot do and where I can and cannot go!!

As usual I am catching up with friends and have noticed more than ever that with long-time faithful friends, we sit down and just start the conversation as if we had been together yesterday. More and more, though, I think of my house in Pennsylvania as home and, whether I see them or not, I like being within easy driving or train distance from my children. Occasionally I think about my stuff that is waiting for me at home and, while it will be very difficult to be alone again, it is what I have chosen as my new life. You are probably sick and tired of reading about this theme but, for those that are recently retired or thinking of retiring, it is worth knowing that for some of us it takes years to get used to not working full time, having time on our hands, and making choices that change how we look at the world. I consider myself a lucky person to be able to come to Tallahassee a couple of times a year, visit with family and friends, and feel comfortable being here. This time I think I’ll be comfortable going home, too. In the meantime, I will leave in a few minutes to have coffee with Robin and John, pick up where we left off in our last conversation, and I will not wear a jacket!!