Home Again

After each visit to Tallahassee I leave with very mixed feelings. A month in the beautiful weather (although most Tallahasseans will tell you it was extremely cold!) provides welcome respite from the snow, ice, and bitter cold. Jill allows me to stay as long as I like and Sydney and Zelda enjoy each other’s company as much as Jill and I do (enjoy one another’s company that is!). As usual, the weather determined my travel schedule and I left for Weaverville thinking I’d stay a couple of nights and spend time with my dear friends. However, another snowstorm was predicted so I stayed overnight and left the next morning. Eighteen hours driving in the two days makes for a long trip, but my new car was comfortable, got good gas mileage so limited my stops, and Sydney was a trooper. When I arrived home, the stairs were covered in ice and snow but my friend Sue helped me tackle the many trips up and down to empty the car. In no time at all I was again back in my little red house in the woods.

Sydney was so excited to be home and in her yard until she realized the snow was deeper than she is high. My first order of business was to dig two paths for her to use and it was a good thing I did it immediately because the snow was light and fluffy whereas in the following days, it iced over and was too hard to shovel — literally! So, Sydney went from walking in the park in the sunshine to very cold paws in the snow. tallypark IMG_2504 I went from the warmth of Tallahassee weather, not to mention the warmth of my wonderful friends, to the below freezing temperatures of northeast Pennsylvania.

Upon completing what became known as my gluttony tour of north Florida and south Georgia (given the fact that I ate so many meals out to sample as many Tallahassee restaurants as I possibly could), I am now back to finding healthy ways to cook for one. I still love Kool Beanz and cannot resist the coconut meringue cake for dessert, but found a new favorite, Sakura, where the food is wonderful and the service even better. However, seeing my friends, going to book club, doing the biannual trip to Thomasville with Kim, having dinner at Roxanne’s, going to B Sharps with Jill, seeing Garrison Keillor, stopping by Robin and John’s house for many cups of coffee, meeting Beth for coffee and book shopping, and catching up with friends and colleagues from FSU — that’s hard to beat! Being home is lovely. Seeing Rachel, Riley and Dave almost as soon as I arrived back was a welcome treat but now to get back to my own routine. I love my trips to Tallahassee and love coming home too. What a lucky person I am. Oh, and Sydney’s a lucky dog too.