Gossip in Lords Valley

I’m sitting at my desk supposed to be getting work done and looking out at the sunny but cold vista. snowystill Yesterday it almost reached 50 and I was foolishly optimistic that melting would continue but today it’s in the 30s and going into the teens tonight so the snow and ice will probably stay around for some time. Nonetheless my stairs to the car are clear and the car is actually parked in the upper driveway instead of the parking pad. The ice has melted from both and for this I am grateful. On Wednesday I decided it was time to get out and get some errands done. Once I started I realized that other people were as optimistic as I and everyone seemed to be talking about the weather, plans for spring, and new goings-on in Lords Valley. Here’s what I learned.

At the post office (where I am now on a first name basis with everyone there because of my issues with getting the new car registered in PA) I heard about prior years of snow in March and April. “We ain’t done yet,” said one person. This sounded like a warning to me so I figure I’d best be smart about my plans for the next few weeks. Then I went to the bank to sort out a few financial issues and it was nothing but good news. Now…before I fill you in on the exciting news from Lords Valley, keep in mind that although I’m only 80 or so miles from New York City, this is a very rural area with few stores or amenities. You could drive to Matamoros but that’s a 40 mile round trip. So this was exciting indeed. First, a new food store is opening and is reported to be a Shop Rite. For those of you who are used to Publix, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (not to mention Earth Fare and New Leaf), this isn’t a big deal. But for those of us who have the Weis Market as our only option this is great news. Weis is expensive, routinely keeps out of date food on the shelves, and doesn’t stock any number of things (like brown rice!). I for one am always glad to have choices. Now, here’s the really good news but take it for what it is — gossip. There will be 13 stores in the Shop Rite strip mall. It is several miles down 739 but close enough to be considered local. Whether the number 13 is an exaggeration or not remains to be seen. I will be interested to hear what the hairdresser and local real estate agent have to say. Anyway…among the stores is supposed to be a new restaurant! And, it is part of the Outback/Carrabas group. While I am not a big fan of chain restaurants it would be very nice to have an option that isn’t pizza, chicken wings, or is far away. I am skeptical since the person who told me all this (she is a good source) is really hoping for a Red Lobster! ‘Nuf said.

Here’s the really big news, though (other than Ryan’s deli moving from its ever so convenient location to further down 739): A Bagel Barn is opening just outside the gates. Yes, Bagel Barn right here in Lords Valley. I’m pretty excited about it since they boast New York bagels, New York pizza, and other food. I am curious as to why it closed in Brooklyn, but nonetheless I remain optimistic that there’s at least an option for breakfast without traveling into the Milford Diner. And, instead of saying it’s “a year down the road,” Bagel Barn opens next week. Obviously it doesn’t take much to get the local population (including me) talking.

Regardless of what opens up where, it gives me hope that any improvement to the area’s shopping and eating can only help make this a desirable area for people to buy and live here year round. I am impressed by the number of people who live in this area and work in New York City, Brooklyn or Long Island and commute daily. That has to be a good sign. So now you know all the big news here in Lords Valley. The invitation to all my friends and family is a permanent one although you might want to wait til the new restaurant opens!