The In-Between Season

Last week I intended to blog about what I have dubbed the “In-Between Season,” which occurs here around the first week of March and lasts through the end of April. This is when snow and ice begin to melt, the yard is dirt and mud and, while still cold, it is time to put away hats and ice trackers. I begin to look at the porch with renewed hope of sitting out there with my coffee or wine, bringing up the pretty chair cushions, and getting it ready for spring and summer. It’s an optimistic time for me. I can imagine being able to use the driveway and getting into the shed. However, I’m still waiting.

When temperatures rose a bit and melting began I was hopeful. Then, another snowstorm and another 5-6 inches that is still on the ground on top of the 1-2 feet of snow that was already there. Yesterday, the ice trackers were on again to get up to the car, on Saturday I had to clean off the car and shovel behind it to get out, and it is bitter cold. I find myself wishing for a lot of rain to wash it all away (which we will get later this week). Yesterday, I drove into the city and there wasn’t any evidence of snow at all even though they got every bit as much as we did. The in-between season does mean that I have pretty good access in and out of my upper parking pad and driveway so traveling in and out of the city is not a problem. And, I am reminded why I made this choice to live here rather than stay in Tallahassee.

My Tallahassee friends are already complaining about the heat while posting beautiful photos of their gardens. When I first moved here I was told not to plant anything until after Mother’s Day. I thought that was an exaggeration but soon found out it was not. So, I wait for the in-between season to start (snow flurry this morning) and for warmer temperatures to melt the snow. Waiting also for morning walks with Sydney, the luxury of having the car in the driveway, and maybe even for someone to come visit!! There was a patch of brown in the yard this morning which Sydney sniffed suspiciously and the sun is shining giving the impression of warmth even though it’s 24 degrees. My high school friends should be back from Florida so maybe there will be a spring lunch. I am just about out of firewood and will light a fire today then clean out the fireplace for the season. This is me being optimistic that spring will get here eventually. In the meantime I’ll settle for the in-between season.