Spring finally…I think

A few days after Michael and I got potting soil, mulch, etc., organized on the deck and he carried into the yard four bags of red mulch, we had an ice storm. So I hesitate to even put this down but I think spring has finally arrived in Lords Valley. This is cause for great excitement after the awful winter. On our morning walks, Sydney has been sniffing this strange green stuff that is sprouting up in little clumps.sydneysniffing Trees have buds and some even are blooming. Not yet in my backyard but the drive to Matamaros this morning to get more mulch was lined with lovely trees that are almost in full bloom. It was 70 degrees yesterday and is in the 60s today possibly reaching upper 70s or 80s next week. That seems to have helped the trees and bushes recover from the late ice and snow which must have been a terrible shock! I know it was for me and my friends, Lynda and Brian, who were visiting and were not expecting more winter.

This morning I spread four more bags of red mulch and managed to avoid being seduced by the beautiful flowering plants at Home Depot. It was so tempting but the “rule” up here is to not plant before Memorial Day! mulch I’m going with the “Don’t plant til Mother’s Day” plan and am anxious to have herbs and vegetables growing on the deck. The window boxes look a bit sad so I expect I will jump the gun and start planting next week.

I did not resist the temptation of the brand new Bagel Barn, however. What a strange combination of New York deli and Russian/Eastern European bodega (if there is such a thing!). Last time I went in, when it first opened, the shelves were bare so the selection of delicacies with names written the Cyrillic alphabet were not only interesting but very surprising. I didn’t know what half the things were just by looking at them and wasn’t interested enough to ask walking out with my two bagels and Boar’s Head turkey. You may find this incredibly boring, but for us up here, it is always exciting to have a new business open. Somehow that one business becomes many and now folks are talking about even more stores just outside the gates of our community. Will the closed for 6 years restaurant open now?? Will we get a decent grocery store so I don’t have to drive to Montague, NJ?? So many important questions to think about that affect life in a rural area. I am especially anxious to hear what the hairdresser has to say tomorrow since he seems to have his finger on the pulse of those in the know in Lords Valley. Of course I don’t believe that for a moment!

From me to you — happy Spring! I hope you are as happy about it as I am and have fun planting flowers or whatever it is you do when winter finally leaves the area. For me, I am going to sit on the porch with my bagel and enjoy the view of almost blooming trees.