Where Did I Put That?

As I age, I worry about forgetting things or exhibiting odd behavior (who could tell?!). One of the things that drives me crazy and is not a function of age is forgetting where I put things that are important. In my defense, I always knew where things were in my Tallahassee home. Here, in the Poconos, I am still trying to figure out the best way to store things, the most convenient places to keep things I use everyday, and the most organized way to keep track of important documents and items. Recently I was looking for two things: a pet first aid kit and a letter with my traffic court appointment. Two totally disparate items, neither of which has been found — yet.

I bought three pet first aid kits after Sydney’s last scary midnight trip to the emergency vet in Newton, NJ, when I got hopelessly lost and, in fact, caught her leash in the car door and fortunately didn’t strangle her. The vets there said I could have dealt with it at home and taken her to my local vet the next day if I had certain items. So I ordered the first aid kits and extra stuff (stypic pencil-like) for the car, the house, and for Rachel’s dog Mason. The other day I decided to look for it and tore the house apart and still no kit. It should have been either in the bathroom closet where the human first aid kit (which is very much like the doggie one) lives OR it could have been with the dog supplies (food, toys, brushes, leashes, etc.) in the front little (and I mean little) closet. I looked absolutely everywhere it could possibly fit and still haven’t found it.

Then, to add insult to injury, yesterday I was taking out all the things I needed to pay bills, go to appointments, other things I cannot even mention, for June. I knew my appointment in traffic court was June 16th but wanted to have the appointment letter handy. When I got the letter at the beginning of May I first filed it in the miscellaneous spot in the file cabinet, then I took it out and put it on the desk, then realized that wasn’t a good place for such a long time and put it in my purse so that “I’d always have it handy.” Of course I realized the risk of that since I change purses every once in awhile, so I put it on the notepad in the tray where I keep a bunch of things like keys, messages, etc. Of course it was there for everyone to see so I figured it should be somewhere “safe” and I was a bit embarrassed for the cleaners to see it so I moved it again. Need I go on? The letter is among the missing.

Looking for the letter led me to clean out the file cabinet, tidy up the shelves in the office, go through magazines upstairs, take drawers out of my dresser and find papers wedged behind them, locate missing camera, and the like. Anyone that was involved in my effort to find the car title when I bought the new car can appreciate that I still have nowhere dedicated to items that I want to keep track of but don’t need frequently. So if anyone has any suggestions as to where to put things so they can be located again, please let me know. It is a puzzle to me how I could lose anything in this house because it is quite small. I just haven’t lived here long enough to stop moving things from place to place (even though it’s been three years). I would appreciate any input my friends and family have for solving this problem that really has not one thing to do with age!!