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I cannot believe I haven’t blogged since July. So much has happened (sort of) and there has even been snow up here. The busy summer of visitors was wonderful and more company than I could have hoped for. Rachel and Riley visited a lot which made my life fuller than I imagined possible. Seeing so many people this summer and making a short trip to Tallahassee has given me a lot to think about. My friend, Robin, said this was the first trip south where I referred to my house in Pennsylvania as home. I’ve thought a lot about that comment and attribute it to the fact that I have become comfortable living here close to my children. Since it’s a 40-mile round trip just to go to Home Depot, a couple more miles to get to Brooklyn or the Upper West Side isn’t all that bad.

dinnerpartyThis trip south I spent more time with family than I ever did before so that put a new wrinkle on the visit. I even got down to the Wacissa River which I had never seen before. wacissa

My friends seem to be busier than ever with their own lives and priorities. The semi-annual trip to Thomasville with Kim that always includes Sweet Grass Dairy and beer or wine was so much fun as it always is. meandkimOur dinner at Kool Beanz with Roxanne was terrific. It energizes me to sit with such vibrant women who are passionate about community and education. The consulting work was fun. Meeting and talking to students always reminds me of why I got into the business of education — and it is a business — it is encouraging to know that smart dedicated young people are still going into teaching.

Stopping in Weaverville on the way to Tallahassee and on the way back is always a highlight of the trip. Spending time with Lynda and Brian is like coming home; they keep me grounded and remind me what friendship is all about. Not to mention the excellent shopping! When I moved to Pennsylvania I had this idea that I needed to be more productive or accomplish something new. I’ve done that by staying close to my family and lavishing love and other stuff on my granddaughter. It may just be enough for me at the moment. That and good friends. Next trip I hope to connect with more friends but for now it’s all good. Of course now the task of winterizing the house, placing ice melt and shovels at strategic locations, getting the scrapers out and into the car, and rolling up the hoses (sounds easier than it is!). It is 70 degrees today so I remain optimistic and am enjoying the beautiful fall colors.