Autumn Leaves

Only one person who reads this blog will smile at the title.  My cousin, Jill, and I have had a longstanding joke about the song, Autumn Leaves (which is now going through my head).  In 1955, Roger Williams, a popular pianist, recorded the song Autumn Leaves and I got a copy of the music for me to play supposedly for my own enjoyment.  It was one of the few pieces that was a “popular” song rather than classical music. Every time we had company at the house, my parents made me play Autumn Leaves which ended with polite applause and took all the joy out of playing the piano for me except when I was alone. I’m sure a therapist could have a field day with this.

autumnleaves Anyway…Jill and I laughed about it even as I was selling my baby grand a few years back. Too large to take with me when I left Tallahassee, I had a wonderful relationship with the FSU School of Music which had graduate students work on it for over a year in 2010-2011. They sold the piano to a young man who was thrilled to have it and the money was used to send two graduate students to Europe to study refurbishing old pianos. When it came time for Jim’s Pianos to move it, there was no point keeping the piano bench and all the sheet music within so I sent it along with the piano except for Autumn Leaves. I thought it was appropriate to keep the music and the memories.

This time of year I think about the song as I watch and listen to the dramatic leaf blizzards that have just about denuded the trees here in northeastern Pennsylvania. leavesinyard2 My yard pictured here is absolutely knee deep in dried leaves that, as you know from my previous post, get very very slippery when wet! It’s hard to believe that I already had the yard guys here once to blow the entire yard, driveway, stairs, and deck. In fact, I swept the deck on Tuesday morning because I was having friends for dinner and by early afternoon it was as if I had done nothing! My friend, Robin, sent me a link to an article about not raking leaves for all sorts of environmental/habitat reasons but it was clear that whoever wrote this does not deal with this volume of falling leaves. There was a comment not to blow the leaves because of noise pollution and use of fossil fuels to power the leaf blower. Again, I say this person has never had to deal with the incredible quantity of leaves or the consequences of driving on them after a rain or walking on them at any time.

While the weather has been mild I know winter is coming. I am enjoying the autumn, the memories of sitting and playing the piano even though I was embarrassed to play the same song over and over again, and the smile on my face with the song running through my head. Wherever you are, I hope your experience with autumn leaves provides a chuckle.