Monthly Archives: December 2015

Hole in the Wall

It’s always something in my world these days. Here is a picture of my ceiling. There is no ceiling and crawl space or attic space, just the wood and a bit of insulation between me and the roof. IMG_3374On Sunday morning at about 5:00 I heard a scritching noise. There is no other way to describe it. Loud enough to wake me, but not Sydney apparently, I put some lights on and investigated. It sounds much braver than it really was because I didn’t look too closely until I determined that there wasn’t anything in the house! Through process of elimination I figured it was a bird, bat, or mouse.

Grabbing a flashlight, I tentatively walked towards the fireplace. Shining the light up to the ceiling, I saw that there is a hole where the main beam meets the fireplace wall. IMG_3375Now this beam runs the width of the house and has cables within it that hold everything up. It’s a form of construction with which I was unfamiliar. I still, in spite of many reassurances, do not have a great deal of confidence in its structural integrity. Eventually I will get used to it I suppose. IMG_3376Having a hole where it meets the brick wall does not help. Of course this happened on a Sunday so I called/texted Homer’s this morning early and expect that Jay will arrive to allay my fears and plug it up. Rachel and family arrive at lunchtime today so it would be nice to have it done by then so I don’t have to worry.

Often I wonder if there will come a time when there are not issues that require hiring someone to deal with them. Will I miss the social interaction with the guys from Homer’s? Will I miss being able to complain each week about lights not working, wiring shorting out, not being able to brew coffee and use the microwave, and other quirks of this house? Because there have been so many things to deal with lately I find myself expecting something to go wrong at any moment. I guess that’s what wine is for! Christmas tree lights are lit, outside lights are lit in anticipation of Riley’s arrival, and I am hopeful that today’s critter/hole drama will be the last for the winter. What are the chances? Good I’d like to think! Happy holidays to all my friends. I can hardly believe it’s almost 2016. I expect to keep last year’s resolution of blogging more about life in the mountains. I hope, regardless of what holiday you celebrate, that you have time with friends, family, and pets.

The Tree Guys

I have not blogged lately for a variety of reasons much too boring to mention here but, one way and another, life has been busy or I’ve been lazy or uninspired. Blogging is a tricky business. Sometimes an event occurs or something really funny happens and I think, “That would be a great blog!” But then you have to take into consideration who might see the blog and misread something or think you are making fun of them. It is never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings but to share experiences living in the woods. So…to the tree guys.

Last spring I decided to have some very high big branches trimmed to let more light onto the driveway, parking pad, stairs, and yard. Letting more sunshine in might encourage quicker melting of ice and snow and hopefully will prevent branches from falling on power lines or cables. But, the tree guys — Carl in particular — were busy and said they couldn’t get to the job until August. That was okay with me. When they didn’t show up in the fall, I figured I saved some money and would deal with it next spring. But, unseasonably warm weather has encouraged tree guys, yard guys, and contractors to continue working outside. The “Can we get it done before the snow?” isn’t working anymore.

Yesterday, much to my surprise, the tree guys showed up. No phone call, just showed up at my neighbor’s house. Barbara called me to say they would start on my trees yesterday too and finish today. Sure enough, they did. It sounds much more simple than it is. IMG_3368

First, I cannot take down any trees because one needs a permit from Hemlock Farms Community Association to remove trees. Goodness knows, we have enough trees that taking down bunches of them wouldn’t make a bit of difference. But, they are very protective of the trees which is a good thing. It takes months to get a permit and then, of course, there’s getting the tree guys to actually show up. Second, Carl and his helper want to talk about everything from NASCAR to the lack of deer in the community, to how great not having these branches will be. Frankly, I cannot see a different even though every once in awhile I look out to see Carl up a VERY tall tree. Carl is Jay’s and Tim’s (from Homer’s) cousin. So Jay shows up as well which is a good thing. If I had just asked for Jay to come by to look at a project, it could be weeks or months, but since Carl is here and Jay wants any wood he cuts down, here comes Jay with no notice too.

All good I guess. I am thankful for the warmer weather for lots of reasons not the least of which is being able to use the driveway. I suppose all the contractors, yard workers, and tree guys are happy too. Life up here is interesting for sure. Does anyone know if bears hibernate relative to weather or time of year? I must look that up!