Monthly Archives: January 2016

A New Year

Even though January first is just another day, just another date, it seems many of us like to think of fresh starts, resolutions, with the expectation that something wonderful might happen. We could think the same things on any other date, but somehow January first and the change in year makes a difference. I, for one, have decided not to make any resolutions this year — I never seem to keep them anyway. I hope it’s a good year, a healthy one, and is filled with pleasant days. Beyond that, I will take what comes! Here’s how I started mine.

Having the whole family here for Christmas was so much fun, very relaxed. Riley made Christmas beyond fun as she delighted in the tree, ornaments and old Frosty whose light stayed on all day and night! Frosty is a story on his own. My father, Michael and Rachel’s grandpa, bought him half price from Albertson’s the day after Christmas many years ago. I would guess 35 years ago. He stood on our porch every Christmas for all those years. At one point Robin and John would sneak over late at night and put him in the rocking chair or give him sunglasses. I think once he was smoking a cigarette. When it came time to leave Tallahassee, I thought moving him was silly and, besides, he has a crack down his back. So I put him out on the street thinking someone would love to give him a home. Robin came by and was shocked and dismayed that I would be so disloyal after all these years so she took him and put him in her garage. A year after I left Tallahassee I visited Tallahassee and put him in the back of my car along with two sets of luggage (my friend, Beth, came back north with me) and he spent the next year in my shed. This year he came out much to Riley’s delight and is back in the shed happily back where he belongs. IMG_3363

But I digress. Michael came back after Christmas while the floors in his apartment are being redone. Having him is not only a great pleasure and fun, but I put him to work. We both started out new year by doing projects at my house and for that I am very grateful. He put up a beautiful backsplash in the downstairs bathroom which took way more patience than I have not to mention math skills which I also do not have! IMG_3394 He put up the plastic on the porch, helped organize the very disorganized tools, and has kept me eating relatively healthy (for me!). I cannot think of a better way to begin a new year.

My friend, Diane, who is here this morning reiterated what Michael and I discussed at dinner last night — this is not an easy place to live. Not just the weather but people don’t seem to get together or be very open to new friendships. (My next door neighbors Barb and Mike are the exception and make up for it many times over!) But, the upside for me is being close to family and looking forward to a year of being a part of my granddaughter’s life as much as possible. Happy New Year everyone.